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Grand Theft Auto- London  (Open) Empty Grand Theft Auto- London (Open)

Post by Jesus Salazar Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:30 am

London, England
6:30 PM February 7th
Outside a posh and Hotel

"OI! What kinda ride is this eh?" Now Jesus knew cars, he knew them really well. But some of these older models, while pretty he was sure, didn't really register as actual vehicles. After all, anything powered by an old two stroke engine that was barely enough to get modern day lawnmower going probably wasn't getting you anywhere fast  so what was the point in owning such a thing? Jesus could only shake his head as he watched the old Model T being parked with what almost seemed to be tender care. An elderly gentleman stepped out and with a parting pat on the old cars door he walked away with out a second glance, comforted as he was by the security provided to him by the hotel. Which of course was a mistake, given how easy it was to bypass the few basic security measures emplaced in garages like this, and how easy it was to pay off the guards on duty to take a little longer on their lunch break.

So Jesus, dressed in the stolen uniform of a hotel velet, with its red tasseled coat and odd fez like hat, made his unhurried way towards the object of that days pay check, his eyes locked on his destination, though his ears where wide open for any sort of sound that would mean someone was coming. But the only sound he could hear was the echo from his own foot steps.

He slide up to the car, his hands running down the body, feeling its curves as he would a woman. Then with a small almost timid voice he spoke. "Oh you still look good for a girl your age!" He checks the door, and of course it was... Unlocked. "Did I say good darling? I meant great." With a small sighs he sat inside, almost hitting his head on the roof as he did so, but still he felt almost at home as he always did behind the wheel of a car. With swift and deft fingers he went about his work and soon the engine hummed to life. "Oh and your voice, its kinda pretty." Putting the old lady into gear, he drove out of the parking lot and out into the moon lite streets.... And rather slowly made his way away from the hotel and towards the wharf where he would unload his latest charge.


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