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#148 - Arachnospawn Empty #148 - Arachnospawn

Post by Asmodeus Fri Sep 27, 2013 8:18 am


Name: Arachnospawn
Aliases: "Giant Spider", "Blight Legs", "Shadow Legs", "Takers", "Black Widows", and several other not so endearing terms.

Sphere: The Blightscape
Tier: Regular


The Arachnospawn are eight legged monsters created directly from the biological weapon known as J'ba Fofi. The process in which these demons are created is not traditional int he fact that they are made by artificially processing soul energy in the host body, which really acts more like a giant eating factory. Due to this, these spiders do not release any soul energy upon destruction, much like the many zombified residents of the Blightscape, which leaves some speculation over scientists researching the dangerous Eldritch abominations of Inferis of whenever they are actually living demons or not. In the long run, they are begrudging categorized as such, until further research can be turned up. As you see, capturing one of these shadowy masses is not child's play.

The arachnids stand at about ten to twenty feet high and are born at an adorable two feet. They are known for being elusive to the plagued land of the Blightscape, not even bothering to venture into the what one would think to be a more suited land of the Darkroot Domain. They are also known to generally stay near the Viral Stadium, though they do wander the outer rim of the sphere at times. They are also known to drag their enemies away alive before (presumably, this has never been seen) killing them later and feeding them to the host. They have never been seeing eating any sort of flesh, making them seem even less alive.

Structurally, the carapace of the beast is fairly thick and has no problem taking a few standard rounds with little to no damage, but is fairly weak to bladed weaponry and warhammers, as the former can cut through the soft underbelly, which the latter which is the skilled Demon Hunter's recommended option, smashes through the armor all together. The eight eyes of the monster allows for it enhanced sight compared to most things, which means it can see in every direction save for directly behind it, making it hard to sneak up on an Arachnospawn. They are known to lie still for hours, weeks even, waiting for somebody to walk by...

Abilities: The Arachnospawns have fairly standard spidery features, including wall climbing, spinning webs, powerful pincers, strong legs, enhanced strength, and enhanced vision. Oh, and it should be noted that their bite releases a terrifying toxin that shuts down the nervous system for hours while preserving the body.
Miscellaneous Notes: You eat approximately 18.9 Arachnospawns in your sleep every year.

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