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Post by Lazarus Carter Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:54 pm


The world of Deus Mortuus is not a simple one, and it is all original from the depths of the staff collective - and other members' - hivemind. As such, for new members, this thread will serve as a list of all the terminology used commonly throughout the RP. Alphabetically organised - like a glossary. This list will be added to as plot progresses and new elements are introduced.

  • Amalgam - One of the ability types of a bonded Ritualist, similar to an Evocation. Usable on Earth only.
  • Angel – Divine servants crafted from God’s hands or recreated as pious souls dwelling in Inferis to combat Lucifer and his thralls. One of Deus Mortuus' eight base character types.
  • Archangel – One of the seven Archangels; God’s most powerful and respected Angel commanders. Each holds dominion over a Skyhaven. One of Deus Mortuus’ eight base character types.
  • Archdemon - One of the ten Hell Princes; Lucifer's original lieutenants. They each rule a sphere. One of Deus Mortuus' eight base character types.
  • Apocalypse - Layman's terms for the predicted coming day where Demons break the Inferis barrier and flood the Earth.
  • Apparatus - The ability tree of all PC Demons, similar to an Evocation. Usable in Inferis only.
  • Augment - The ability tree of trained Templars, similar to a Skill Evocation. Only usable in Inferis.
  • Barrier - The transdimensional barrier separating Earth and Inferis and keeping Demon invasion at bay.
  • Bastion - A Demon stronghold and one of the bases of the ten Archdemons, from where they rule their particular Sphere.
  • Bestiary - The forum where you can post up new Demon types for a point reward.
  • Bonding - The process through which a willful Ritualist and Demon enter a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship, usually after a power struggle.
  • Blackgate – A Ritualist terrorist cell located in London.
  • Blackhaven - The political and corporate espionage arm of the Templar Order.
  • City of Dis - A rather poignant and symbolic name for the floor of Lucifer's Spire, impossibly larger on the inside than it is out, that serves as the main refinery for Soul Energy.
  • Civilian - Anyone, military or not, who does not possess any sort of initial activity with Inferis. One of Deus Mortuus' eight base character types.
  • Crossover - The term for when a character traverses from Earth to Inferis, or vice-versa.
  • CrossGear - The Templar equipment, by default a TagHeuer watch, but can be customised, that allows them to cross from Earth to Inferis, or vice-versa.
  • Crusader - The defensive and religiously trained arm of the Templar Order.
  • Demon - Fallen souls reincarnated as horrific manifestations of monstrous sin in Inferis. One of Deus Mortuus' eight base character types.
  • Demon Hunters - The shattered remnants of an ancient order that once pledged itself to hunting Demons. Now split apart comprised of many singular or small freelance units. One of Deus Mortuus' eight base character types.
  • Evocation - The ability tree of a Demon Hunter, weapons or abilities that they can manifest from their imagination when inside Inferis.
  • Faceclaim - If you've claimed the image of your character from an existing artist, game, anime etc, it is known as a Faceclaim, or FC for short.
  • Firefly – A group of wealthy individuals with a particular interest in the taboo art of Ritualism.
  • The First Paladin - The first Paladin, who later founded the seven, and the original founder of the Templar Order.
  • The Four Blades – A small group of elite Demon Hunters devoted to destroying all Demonic existence.
  • Gear – The ability tree of all PC Angels, similar to an Evocation. Usable in Inferis only.
  • Grandmaster - The overall leader of the Seven Paladins (being one himself) and the general highest authority of the Templar Order.
  • Green Sun – An archaic Ritualist science cell located in underground Irkutsk.
  • Hellguard - A few rungs below Archdemons, Hellguard are elite greater Demons typically used as Archdemons' personal attack dogs or guardsmen.
  • Inferis - An alternate dimension, and the biblical "Hell".
  • Inferis Morph - One of the ability types of a bonded Ritualist, wherein they and their bonded Demon merge into some grotesque and transient demonic form. Only usable in Inferis.
  • Knight-Templar - The assault arm of the Templar Order.
  • Level - Your character's power level. Once approved, can be found under their avatar in posts. Ranges from 1-4, or, for Archdemons/Archangels, X.
  • Liberation – A rebellion group turning against the wealth divide in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Malebolge - A great fiery pit and one of the upper floors of Lucifer's Spire which serves as a distribution centre for Soul Energy for the whole realm.
  • Manifestation - The official term for when a Demon Hunter begins to first exhibit signs of their abilities.
  • Mortal Form - The terminology utilised for when a Demon takes on their humanoid form. INSIDE INFERIS ONLY.
  • Nephilim – A group of organised Demon Hunters across many nations.
  • NPC Demons - A term for the NPC account which may sometimes attack threads inside Inferis with a point reward if they're defeated.
  • NPC Elite Demons - A term for the NPC account which may sometimes attack threads inside Inferis with a point reward if they're defeated. Typically boss-tier Demons.
  • Oliveira Cartel – A drugs and arms crime syndicate running out of Rio de Janeiro.
  • The Origin - The first occult summoning attempted.
  • Outpost - A human "safe zone" that can be found with weaponry stocks and protective wards against Demon insurgence around their perimeter.
  • Overlord - Lucifer. The ruler of Inferis.
  • Paladin - The seven leaders of the Templar Order, senior officers, usually possessing political clout and some of the most influential men in all the Order. They count the Grandmaster among their number.
  • Possession - Different to a bonding, when a weak-willed Ritualist summons a Demon, they can sometimes be possessed with ease if they aren't ready, their voice suppressed and their body wrested control of as a mortal form for the Demon in question.
  • Proclamation - Only having been used four times in all of Inferis' history, from the top of the Spire, there is a balcony which possesses a specific ability: when Lucifer shouts upon it, every being alive in Inferis can hear him, no matter where they are.
  • Profile - Your character application.
  • P.U.R.G.E. – A deathsquad constructed between special forces units and the Templars after the attack on the Vatican to eliminate Ritualism.
  • Red Love – A Ritualist fanatic cell located in Johannesburg.
  • Ritualist - A damaged, traumatised, power-hungry or manipulative individual who attempts to summon Demons into their body to feed from their power. One of Deus Mortuus' eight base character types.
  • Shell - A Demon-specific term for the body they do, wish to, or potentially could inhabit.
  • Soul Energy - The lifeblood of Inferis that cannot be destroyed, simply converted into different forms. Refined and distributed in Lucifer's Spire.
  • Summoning - The process through which Ritualists can summon a Demon into their body, for better or worse.
  • Sphere - One of the ten regions of Inferis, each belonging to a different Archdemon.
  • Spire - The great, hundred-floor, impossibly large tower that serves as the centrepiece of all Inferis and Lucifer's stronghold.
  • Tear - A weak point in the barrier between Inferis and Earth which can be crossed by Demon Hunters, Templars, Archdemons and bonded Ritualists. Tears are invisible.
  • Templar - Members of a secret society order devoted to suppressing the knowledge of Inferis' existence and keeping all demonic topics at best mythical. Religiously-founded, were once Demon Hunters in origin. One of Deus Mortuus' eight character types.
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