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#015 - Old One

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#015 - Old One Empty #015 - Old One

Post by Jacob Maccabee Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:21 am


Name: Old One
Aliases: Ancient One, Depth Hunter, Giant Demon Lobster

Sphere: The Black Sea
Tier: Elite


Mankind has always had a fear of the darkest depths. This fear is a legitimate one; it was from the depths that our ancestors emerged, escaping some dark, evil monstrosity that otherwise would have consumed us. It was that same monster that drove out the first arthropods and vertebrates to the land, whose hungry maw wished to consume our ancestors and stripped them away from the food chain before seeking more.

They are the Old Ones. They were among some of the first of Leviathan's creations, though by no means were they its favorite. The Old Ones fit the most basic carnal instincts of life; adapt, consume, adapt, consume, survive. They were unleashed in the first tears upon the ancient world that mankind would soon be unleashed upon. What they saw, they consumed. They were the first true apex predators, and from their maws would come an age of consumption and devouring unlike any other. They finally returned home when they became bored, though thanks to them at least three great extinctions occured in our world's ancient history. From then on their favorite appearance has been the monstrous beasts they emulated; the first great predators.

Abilities: Old Ones are cthonic entities. As such, they emit a certain kind of disquiet that causes instant fear and apprehension into the bones of anyone; demons and mortals alike. This sense of fear isn't the same as ones forced upon others by other demons; rather, it's a kind of apprehension anyone can have when looking upon a predator; that sense of fight or flight one recieves when staring into the blank, black eyes of a hunter. Given their favored appearances, Old Ones are also covered in chitinous armor that can deflect small arms fire and most weapon attacks (though it can break under large amounts of stress). Old Ones also bear tentacles hidden between their segments, which they use as a form of attack against challenging prey.

Miscellaneous Notes: - They have a tendency to eat just about anything. Cannibalism is common amidst these demons.
- They have no particular sentience, though they have a bestial cunning and very, very good memories
-They have a particular desire for mortal flesh, though they aren't above eating demons
- Old Ones are often mistaken for Lobsters. They are actually 'Sea Scorpions'
- They have a weird fear of Mantis Shrimps

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