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Tar [Legion/Open]

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Tar [Legion/Open] Empty Tar [Legion/Open]

Post by Zadkiel Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:01 am

March 24, 2012
8:15 AM

This place was probably even worse than the Blightscape. The bubbling tar emitted a horrible stench, as Zadkiel had to cover his nose with his sleeve in some parts. These domains of hell were horrible. It would serve just that the sinners came here. It was their faults anyway. As he walked on a catwalk perched on the side of a building overlooking the street, as tar ravaged anything that stood in the streets. Feeling the catwalk creak and squeal, he though it best to get to more stable ground. Bending his knees a bit, he quickly launched himself upward, the fluffed mass on his shoulder trailing in the air.

Landing on the top of the building, he looked at the decrepit sign that was in a language he could not decipher. It was clearly some kind of asiatic script, but he was not fluent in this particular writing. The supports were very rusted and weak for the sign. Blinking, he reached a hand out and outstretched it, the sign dusty and old. Without his knowledge, the sign quickly fell forward, the angled support beams snapping and shearing. Quickly pulling his hand back, he had a face that read "I didn't do it!" as the sign began to fall, crashing i to the street as it hit every thing on the way down. Finally hitting the bottom, the crash echoed in the silence, as he winced at the loud sound. Zadkiel felt like his curiosity just went rampant just then. He needed to attend to what he was here for.

Walking to one of the edges of the building, he stared off at the massive industrial complex. It looked like the peak of mortal achievement, with smoke stacks littering the facility. According to Michael, the previous watcher of all, Legion, resided here. Zadkiel was never comfortable speaking with the person when they all resided in heaven. He seemed very automated and cold. Maybe if Legion had enough sense to renounce his loyalty to Lucifer, it would make this a lot easier. He figured Legion was still very upset about the whole "kicked out of heaven" ordeal, but surely the archdemons had a few billion years to think about their mistakes!!

He knew he would be discovered. Legion knew all as it was. If he had to tangle with the monster, he would be in dire trouble. Standing at the edge of the building, he felt a tainted breeze roll through, swaying his clothes and hair. It was only a matter of time..

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