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#020 - Blood Sword

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#020 - Blood Sword Empty #020 - Blood Sword

Post by Jacob Maccabee Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:16 pm


Name: Blood Sword
Aliases: Bloody Handed, Blood Warriors, Dread Blades, Burning Warriors, Bloody Fantastic Demons

Sphere: The Great Undercroft, though they're pretty much found wherever there's combat in Inferis...which is namely everywhere
Tier: Regular


There are always those who love war a little too much. There are those who take special joy in cutting the throats of their enemies, capping a bullet in their asses, or pressing the button of doom that launches the ICBM across whole nations. For them, especially those who take great pleasure in bloodshed, there is a special kind of hell. They get a chance to join the ranks of some of Belial's greatest footsoldiers; the Blood Swords.

The Blood Swords love to do nothing more than kill and slay in the name of carnage and bloodshed. As Belial is the Prince of Warfare, they naturally flock to his halls and do battle in his name. They cannot get enough of primal carnage, from the eloquent sword-fighting saber styles of old to the classic hack and slash technique. In the end, they just want to see their foes turned into a pulpy mess, and that satisfies them just barely enough until they're ready for the next one.

Blood Swords do occasionally wander into other demonic realms in Inferis; their favorite places being the Stygian Tundra of Moloch and Mammon's Regal Necropolis. Their purpose for doing this, of course, isn't just to 'hang out,' but to perform more and more acts of bloodshed upon their foes. The Stygian Tundra is home to a wide variety of wrathful creatures more than willing to do combat if angered enough, and the Regal Necropolis...well, it's just full of blood. Just walking through it gives them a particular high that only increases their desire for bloodshed. It's when they get to the mortal world through a Tear that they are most feared; in the presence of true mortal blood, they enter into a whirling dervish that not even Belial can stop, for they have just as much love of combat and killing as demons as they did as mortals...

Abilities: Blood Swords are combatants. Close quarters being their preferred form of fighting, most of them being former swordsmen themselves remember the fighting styles they had learned in life. This can range anywhere from a Samurai fighting technique to the classic Germanian Barbarian hack-and-slash. All Blood Swords carry gigantic great swords wherever they go, and use them with just as much physical ease as they would if wielding a butterknife. On occasion a Blood Sword can go into a berserker rage and become completely engulfed in flame, attacking with greater ferocity that soon gets the whole warband up and attacking with equal ferocity.

Miscellaneous Notes:

- Blood Swords enjoy dueling each other. Some of the more experienced among them have learned the fighting styles of other Blood Swords upon winning a duel against one. Often, the best (and worst) way to actually kill a Blood Sword is in one on one combat, as the other Blood Swords will refuse to let anyone (themselves included) get in the way of a proper duel.
- It is unknown who actually created them; Belial or Mammon, for Blood Swords have aspects of both Archdemons. It is known, however, that they particularly enjoy hanging out with Belial than Mammon.
- Preferred War Cry: "KILL! MAIM! BURN! KILL MAIM BURN!!!!"
- Second preferred War Cry: "YOLOOOOOOO!!!"
- Blood Swords were inspired by Khorne Bloodletters from Games Workshop's Warhammer (hell, they've got a Blood Letter for a faceclaim picture. Kind of obvious.)

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