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#043 - Voidborn

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#043 - Voidborn Empty #043 - Voidborn

Post by Diogenes the Cynic Thu May 02, 2013 1:53 am


Name: Voidborn
Aliases: Void Beast, Gargantuan, Consumer, Feaster, Beast from Another World

Sphere: All (Wanderer)
Tier: Elite (singular entity)


There have always been many dimensions; the realm known as Heaven, where God sits upon his throne. The depths of Inferis, Hell, the Underworld, where the demons make thrones of their own. And the realm of mankind, where humanity; God's greatest creation and greatest disappointment; act as the playthings of greater beings. Of course, man now knows that there are other worlds besides his own, and each new world can potentially have its own form of man, its own Heaven, and its own Hell...

But what if there was more than just Heaven, Earth, and Hell?

None of the Archdemons will openly admit it, but there is potentially a place; a gap; between the three great dimensions. In places where the faded points of reality begin to twist and writhe; the Tears between Earth and Inferis; these are free of this Gap's influence. But in other places, the boundaries are far more split, and like two different substances that cannot combine, like vinegar and oil, occasionally a bubble will appear between them. This is the realm known as the Gap; the Void...and from this Void comes an array of dark and deadly horrors.

Enter the Voidborn; a massive, bestial thing that comes from this realm. Appearing helter-skelter across Inferis for some time now, it has appeared here instead of Earth likely because Inferis seems to attract the holes and openings between the different dimensions (and, of course, it may be because this thing prefers nasty places). Upon appearing, its body can be seen as a glistening red mass; a massive, bestial creature made of chitin and bone, a horrifying conglomeration of the nightmares of a thousand worlds. It is a beast born of the creepy crawly and the massive monster combined, and it has an unending, unquenchable hunger for the flesh of others.

It is known that, as it feasts, it begins to grow bigger. A creature the size of a car suddenly grows as big as a house upon consuming a demon's flesh. The bigger the demon it eats, the larger its size. If it continues to grow, it could potentially grow to be as big as Moloch himself, though its power still would not compare to the Archdemons despite its size. It is also known that it cannot exactly be killed; when defeated, its body dissipates; the mass within returning to its former plane of existence while the resulting soul energy it consumed reverts into the unrefined stuff from whence it came, returning to Inferis and thus continuing the cycle. But then, maybe minutes later, maybe centuries, the Voidborn will most definitely return, and he has a desire to consume more and more...and lately, he's been getting stronger.

Woe be the day Inferis sees this beast consume an Archdemon. It may be the beginning of the Endtimes as we know it...

Abilities: The Voidborn is a massive bug, all things considered. When you get down to the nitty and gritty, he's essentially a gigantic cross between a mantis and a crab, capable of using its claws to great effect (grasping, crushing, puncturing, slashing), and its jaws are equally formidible. Melee-wise, it is a beast, though were that it melee would be its only power and capability.

But the Voidborn doesn't just slash and claw its way to victory. It is smarter than it looks; cunning, clever, perhaps even sentient. It has been known to alter the soul energy of Inferis to its own devices, creating biological spikes that rip through the ground and tear through foes in a large radius. The bigger it gets, the wider the radius...and the bigger the spikes. Its lungs are also very powerful; it can create a massive roaring shriek that not only terrifies mortals and demons alike, but can also dispel soul energy in an area; causing apparatus to dispel and equipment to malfunction (temporarily, only for a few seconds). To top it off, as it grows larger, it can also launch versions of its floor-projectiles through chinks in its armor.

Of course, what makes this beast truly frightening its its ability to consume and harness soul energy from living (or unliving) beings. If successfully grappling an opponent, it can bite and start consuming the soul as if it were blood, absorbing strength and including it into its own. If a foe dies through this attack, the beast grows in physical size, becoming much larger and much more terrifying (it can do this especially to other NPC demons, as it is hostile to all comers).

Miscellaneous Notes: - The Voidborn was inspired by Cho'Gath, a champion from the popular game League of Legends
- The Voidborn counts as a bug, so if your character is afraid of insects... muahahahhaa!
- Quotes from the Voidborn:
- "Death is not the end for you! I have seen to it! For eternity... you are MINE!"
- "One can survive anything nowadays... except death."
- "No! I do NOT live under a bed... fool..."

- Music for his encounter include the Tyranid Theme from Dawn of War II and the Zerg themes 1 and 2 from the original Starcraft XD
- The Void is for plot purposes only (or until the admins suggest otherwise). funny ideas. XD

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