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Post by Legion Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:18 am


Name: Shade
Aliases: Tar Spirits, Geist, Hollows
Sphere: Tarpit Enclave
Tier: Elite

Abilities: The realm of the Tarpit Enclaves is one filled with the smoldering desiccated corpses of machines and pits of thick hot viscous tar. It is a realm of monsters and nightmares filled with creatures suited to the horrific land that they claim as their home. But of all these creatures there is only one breed that instills fear in even the most jaded of souls: The Shades. These are the creatures nightmares wish to be. They can come in any size from giant (well over 30 feet tall) to diminutive (measuring at nothing more then 5 inches) but one thing remains the same... To see them is to look death in the eye and know that it will not come swiftly.

They have a a some what serpentine body that starts to flair out as you reach the mid way up them, each side is covered with long whip like appendages, at the end of which is a faintly glowing purple node. At the end of their snake like tail hovers a purple miasma that moves with the creature as it floats or slithers its way about its domain. The center of its body is dominated by a large slight of a mouth that runs up its body, til it meets the singular unblinking red eye. Above this is another set of cold eyes that flank the other three mouths at the top of its head. From the top of its forehead sprout two curved horns from which the same purple miasma flows, giving it the appearance that its head is burning.

But its not the looks alone that instill fear into the hearts of the Enclaves inhabitants. No it's their power. For one, each and every Shade can turn invisible and remain as such indefinitely. Along with this, they have the unique ability to turn their form incorporeal, allowing them to pass through solid matter(Though they them selves can not interact with the world around them while in this state). These talents make them Legions finest spies and assassins, for how can you fight an enemy you cant see, or defend against a foe that can pass through any defense? But they have one last ability that makes them a worthy foe, and that is the poison that they carry with in their bodies. It is the refined foulness of the tarpits its self which they can produce from any part of their body that glows purple(I.E. Their horns, appendages and tail). This foulness acts as a strong acid that can and does eat through metal and flesh with equal resolve.

But what could be the most terrifying aspect about them is that they are EVERY where. Watching... Waiting, and learning anything that their master might wish, and their master wishes to know EVERYTHING. Legion and his various clones are always accompanied by at least one of these terrifying creatures, and if one was to walk into the Halls of the Legion there would be no escaping the all seeing, all reaching and all knowing eyes of the shades.

-Tentacles and tail: Their whip like appendages are both strong and resilient, able to cut through flesh and steel with equal ease.

-Mouths: Their various maws are filled with razor sharp teeth.

-Invisibility: Shades can and often do turn them selves completely invisible. They make no sound, produce no smell and they cant be seen by any means thus devised.

-Intangibility: They can turn part of or their entire being intangible which allows them to by pass most if not all form of defense, though while they are unable to be touched they them selves can not touch others.

-Poison/Acid: They can and often do produce a miasma of poison from various parts of their bodies(See information above). This poison works as a strong and potent acid that can and does eat through any and all materials.

Miscellaneous Notes:

- Smaller Shades are often found in swarms.

- While they are predominately found in the Tarpits, Legion often sends them out to spy on various beings of interest.

- While not often, Shades at times do become sentient, at which point they develop their own unique powers often times along side these.

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