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The Eater of Man, done

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The Eater of Man, done Empty The Eater of Man, done

Post by She Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:07 pm


The Eater of Man, done Wwkms6 The Eater of Man, done Wwkms6The Eater of Man, done Wwkms6
"Power is in the flesh, soon enough, I shall have your's."



Ghost of She, Mother of the Jungle, Eater of Man, Wife to the Jaguar, Hunter of Lost Children, Night's Sister,



Darkroot Domain, however, is known to leave on long hunts across Inferis.





One of the few demons who looks more human in her demon appearance. In her demon form She is a hybrid between the sexual creature she is and the ruthless hunter and kill She must be. She stands at six feet tall with the majority of her height made up in her thick and powerful legs. Those legs come to wide child bearing hips with a pronounced back side. The kind of hips and ass you just want to grab on to. Hips lead up to a thin waist with powerful and defined abdominal and large impossibly perky breasts above those. Her back, shoulders, and arms are  corded with defined and powerful muscles. Her body is a temple to fertility and sexuality as much as it is to murder and hunting. Her skin is a cocoa brown and clear and unblemished as it could be. White stripes cris-cross her body and all of her pigment can be changed to match her surroundings.  

She's face is beautiful. With thick expressive lips that seem to made for smiling, though they rarely do. The Mother of Jaguar has eyes that can pierce through the night with a luminescent green glow and vertical pupils like that of a cat's. Her hair is a obsidian black and falls around her shoulders in a long a beautiful cascade. Her hair flows wild and long in the wind and always seems to be in perfect order no matter the fact that she does nothing with it. Often her hair is pull back into a long ponytail, out of the way when She is hunting her prey. Her ears are slightly pointed and can pick up even the smallest of sounds from an astonishing distance.

She'd clothes, f she wears any at all, is always made of the furs or skins of things she has killed. She rarely wears anything more than a covering for her sexual organs and often enough in battle She wears nothing at all. Clothes are constructs of man and She cares little for them. She does, however, always wear and number of bits of jewelry made from turquoise and the teeth of fallen foes.

She normally walks like an animal. Preferring to stalk along on all fours and crouch instead of standing or walking. Her mannerisms in general tend to be more akin to that of a hunting cat than to a woman or human at all. She will never use any utensils for eating or doing any work, if She can avoid it. Yet again, tools are creations of man and She has no need for them.

In short, the Mother of Jaguar is a jaguar. In her mortal form She is a jaguar. Though there are a few oddities about her. For instance She wears golden bracers, and a necklace decorated in Aztec symbols and turquoise patters along with obsidian sequins. Her eyes, while in the eye sockets of a jaguar appear to be the brown eyes of a woman. They still shine in the dark however they appear as though a woman is trapped in the body of this beast. Aside from her oddities She just appears to be a jaguar that is close to twice the size it normally should be. In this form She can understand things as normal but can not speak in anything other the noises a jaguar would make.

The Huntress:
All things in this world are either prey or predator. Even in co-habitation there is only those who eat others and those who are eaten. In this way She always strives to be the hunter and not the hunted. Because of this mentality it often makes her difficult to get along with. She is always striving to be the victor and always trying to devour those who are not strong enough to be the alpha hunter in the area.

The Alpha:
The Sister of the Night must be in charge. If she is not in charge then who ever is had better have earned it by defeating her. She refuses to submit to anyone other than those who have proven themselves against her might. No matter what the circumstance is She must be the leader or follow the person who earned it. Never are weaklings to be followed, ever.

Women are the mothers of all things and should be treated with the most reverence. Men are just things to exploit. They are needed in small number and matter little to the world. Thus, in battle they must die first, in discussion they are listened to least, and in life they are not as important as they think. She never misses a moment to remind them of this even if She chooses one as a mate they are reminded that they either submit to her utterly or they overpower her utterly. Never are they to be on even footing.

The Mother:
When one is not killing and eating the flesh of lesser creatures you must watch over your flock. No matter what She will protect all those who She has given birth to or have placed themselves under her protection. She will go out of her way to make sure her subdordinates are well fed, strong, and safe. A good mother never lets her children come to harm and makes them strong.

Since the dawn of the Aztec people there has always been a sense of fear and beauty associated with the jungle. Since that beginning there has always been an Eater of Man. A thing that lurks in the darkness of the wild and waits to prey on those foolish enough to wander too deeply. A thing that gives praise to the strong and culls gthe weak. It eats the hearts of children and warriors alike and is always feared and respected. The Ghost of She is that thing. Many tales have been told about her. That she was a warrior's wife taken captive by Tezlopoca, the Smoking Mirror. In fact this is what happened. Whoever the girl once was is lost. What is known is that she made a pact with a demon god and eventually was consumed. Consumed by the jungle so that in death, she would become that jungle and consume things in turn. It was the cycle of life and would go on forever.

The Aztec people kept her at bay with their sacrifices. They gave her blood and faith and she gave them a truce. She would devour their foes and protect the jungle they relied on. This was the way it was for eons. Years and years passed and the truce between the Aztec people and She stood. It was a good time. A time passed and eventually the sacrifices stopped. The obsidian people who had given her so much reverence were gone. They had been put to the sword and replaced with strange new comers. New comers who cared nothing for the jungle and nothing for her. Nothing for anything but greed. She could not stand them. Slowly but surely she turned her fangs on them. Turning their metal weapons and armor to scrap and killing those men. The men would die, die for all time. To this day She has not stopped her hate filled crusade against those who killed her people's children. She will kill every last one of them and bring her people back to this world. She will let no man stand before her fury.


Hell Princes

- Superhuman Physicality: The Eater of Man is not to trifled with. Though She does not seem so powerful She actually can exert as much force as an Olympic body builder in over all forces. However, her legs are inhumanly strong. This gives her a standing vertical jump of over 35 yards and a sprinting speed of just over 65mph for up to ten seconds. This also makes any kick delivered by She to be lethal or crippling to normal mortals and can dent or crack steel. On top of heightened strength She is also flexible to a feline degree and has incredible reaction time and reflexes.  

- Predictor Senses: Night vision, dog-like scent and hearing. The Mother of the Jungle is a true predator. She hunts by sight, smell and sound and her heightened senses help her find any unfortunate prey she stalks.

- Camouflage: With a small bit of focus She can change the color of her hair and the stripes that cross her skin. She can darken, lighten or even switch them to any natural color hue. This helps her blend in no matter what time of day or whatever natural environment. however, this is very uneffective in synthetic environments.

- Superhuman Fertility: When ever The Wife of the Jaguar has sexual intercourse with anything, be it a demon, a human, an angel, a fish, an animal, protected or unprotected She becomes pregnant. Regardless of who the "father" was She will under go a very accelerated pregnancy of a month and then give birth to a litter of jaguar demons.

- Claws and fangs: She has two inch retractable claws on each of her fingers and toes. These claws are excellent weapons or tools for climbing. They are razor sharp and are designed to catch, not to cut. At will, She can transform her teeth from that of a normal woman's into a gnashing maw full of thick canines and sharp teeth. Both of these function and impressive natural weapons.

- Hunter Tongue: She can speak with any feline animal or animal like demon. Regardless of if it can speak. She need only to growl at it and it understands her. The topics it can understand and respond to though must be on a level of it's own comprehension. thus a house cat would not be able to carry on a conversation about the merits of a Chevy vs a Ford or anything other than food, sleep, and other survival matters.

- Power in Flesh: If The Eater of Man consumes a creature's heart She enters an accelerated physical state, doubling her strength, speed, and ferocity. this boost is short (lasting three posts per lvl of heart consumed, and three posts for regular NPC and six posts for Elite heart) She must have killed the creature herself and must remove the heart herself. Outside of combat, this effect lasts much longer and is more akin to having consumed a large amount of cocaine. After this effect ends She is subject to a massive endorphin high, causing weakness of body and mental and physical fatigue.

- Eater of Man: She must consume the raw and living flesh of creatures on a constant basis. If She does not she begins to go into a hunger driven madness and will try to consume anything she sees.

- Spirit of the Wild: She is a creature of the natural world and can not stand human (Or non-nature demon) dwellings for long. The Mother of the Jungle becomes claustrophobic and paranoid in synthetic environments. This can make her behave erratically and is easily provoked to violence. If she is in a place like this She makes an effort to leave that place if possible.

- Nocturnal: It's not that She doesn't like to be awake during the day, the Night's Sister is not wired to tolerate it. She sleeps in the day and awakens at night. This makes operating during the day highly unlikely and when she does, she is tired and irritable.

- Obsidian: While this her favorite material aside from blood obsidian is the sacred stone of the Aztec people and thus is poisonous to She. If obsidian sharps get into The Eater of Man's blood she will die. There is no way for her stop this. It is just the way of things.

- Alpha Predator: This weakness is two fold. not only does She feel a strong desire to kill fleeing anythings and to protect her lands but she is also very easy to detect by the sense of smell to anything with above human senses. The smell is a sweet and coppery tang. Creatures with human level or lower senses of smell can smell this same scent but they must be within intimate distance.

- Feminist: The Eater of Man does not like men. Feminism to the extreme. So much so that in battle She will target any men first and will do what is in her power to make sure the women don't die. If they are her enemy She will only injure them and often will demand that they be released if She is working with other demons. She will not accept terms of any man and will not accept a man as her better unless they best her in a challenge first.

Demon, Blue Azteca, Red


- Dislikes cold weather.
- Loves the rain.
- Wears only animal parts, if anything at all.
- Loves turquoise jewelry.
- Chooses sexual partners based purely on merit, looks and gender have nothing to do with it.
- Is terrible at even basic math. She can count, that's about it.
- Hates cooked food.
- Is a carnivore.
- Loves music.
- Does not eat with utensils.



DREAD or Dreadicus Drul Derander

Vetrov, Mr. Black, Hattori kazuya, Ramiel

three metric long times

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The Eater of Man

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The Eater of Man, done Empty Re: The Eater of Man, done

Post by Cael Gladius Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:21 pm



The Eater of Man, done 7oiz
Cael Gladius
Cael Gladius

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