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#018 - Night Stalker

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#018 - Night Stalker Empty #018 - Night Stalker

Post by Gaius Octavian Skipio Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:49 pm


Name: Night Stalker
Aliases: Dire Wolf, Shadow Wolf, Primal Howler, Dwellers

Sphere: Darkroot Domain
Tier: Normally Regular though Night Stalker Alphas are considered Elite.


Abilities: For as long as man kind has existed he has feared but more so he has feared what lives in the dark. Those things just out of sight, that you catch at the edge of your vision. Man of course combated this with fire, which drove away the darkness... But in so doing they created shadows from which those same horrors could strike. In mastering fire, man had sealed its fate to fear that which came in the night.

The Night Stalkers represent this primal fear that is locked in every living breathing human mind, though it is not known if they take the form of wolves because men have always feared those creatures, or if men fear wolves because they look akin to the night stalkers.

Though they can some what very in size the average Stalker is just under six feet in total length (not including the tail) and comes to about four feet at the shoulder. They have massive skulls filled with razor sharp teeth, and their fur while naturally back changes to match their back ground perfectly. On average they weigh close to four-hundred pounds.

Aside from their color changing pelt the common dire wolf has a few other abilities. For one they have a sixth sense of sorts. They can see a creatures aura, even if it happens to be hidden by mundane and even some supernatural means. This allows them to hunt in places where even their other senses would be useless. With this they have massive jaw strength and are able to bite through most materials with ease. Lastly all Night stalkers are gifted with the ability to make no noise when ever they wish, all sounds completely and utterly muffled.

Night Stalker pack leaders or Alphas have these abilities and more. They are also significantly larger then their more mundane cousins, often times being at least double their size and weight, with no apparent loss of speed or grace. They can also produce a howl that when turned on someone or something can send them flying with little difficulty as well as causing other more significant damage.

Miscellaneous Notes:

- Hunt in packs ranging from 4 to 10.
- Packs are not always lead by an Alpha.
- Alphas only lead the hunt when the query is worth its time.
- They are sentient, though only the alphas of the species are able to speak.

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