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Post by Lazarus Carter Fri May 17, 2013 9:44 am

E V E N T // G U I D E L I N E S


In its definition on DM, an Event is typically a sitewide staff-crafted mission-type thread which concerns multiple characters and furthers the plot. They take upon a specific format and are typically action and drama heavy, because, you know, that shit's fun.

All things considered, though, staff are only able to churn out a certain amount of events without everything falling to pieces, so in DM we give you the ability to control and create your own smaller events, which can further personal plots or just regard large punchups. The templates are found in the Pending Events subforum.

Because the process can be somewhat intimidating but we in the staff know that people will want to help regardless, I've constructed this guidelines thread to help you out step-by-step with the process. LET'S GO.

S T E P // O N E

Stop reading and formulate a badass event idea. Should you have said badass event idea ready, continue reading.

Okay. Ready?

Go into the Pending Events subforum and find the announcement for the Templates. They can be found here, also. Copy that big chunka' code and post it in the very same board, filling it out in as much detail as you like. In order to get the fullest experience, we advise that you fill out as much detail as possible, and the more structured the event is, the better it tends to ride; but overstructuring will cause it to become too rigid.

Ideally you want to leave your players fluidity to work well within it, and try not to railroad too much. For maximum added effect, don't railroad the ending. If every event ends in victory, where's the fun? Defeat is half the joy of RPing. Well, not really, but it prompts character development. And that's all the joy of RPing.

As not to let the full site plot get away from us, certain character types are restricted in this regard. They are as follows:

  • Archdemons
  • Templar Paladins
  • Any characters leading large factions (US government, MI6, the mafia)

They are not completely limited, however; simply consult a staff member beforehand, preferably me, and we'll tell you what does and doesn't fly.

Once everything's complete, post your template up in that forum, and tell all your friends! You're in line for not only a hell of a ride, controlled by you, but that delicious self-appointed point reward at the end. We all know points taste like chicken.

The good news is that all of the planning is over! Now just to wait...

S T E P // T W O

The way the next step works is in regard to the staff's appraisal of your template. If you're potentially interested in joining an event, unless a staff member has posted in it ONCE to approve it, DO NOT POST. The finesse and details of an event must be worked out before it is open to be joined. You may be asked to change some things. Please, this is in the best interest of the community as a whole. Be amiable about this. It's the quickest way to get it done and your Event started.

A staff member must appraise your description of an event and make sure it's all good to go. They will then approve it and format it all pretty-like, and open it for people to join. Doing so means all your friends can now post in it saying "I AM HAVE JOIN" or "LET'S FUCK THINGS UP BRO" and that's perfectly fine. When you have enough, bug a staff member to look at it once more, and they will approve it a SECOND time when it has all the members required, and move it over into the Ongoing Events subforum.

Now's where the fun starts.

S T E P // T H R E E

As the GM, you "control" the movement of the Event thread.

Find the RP forum in which it'll take place, and, simply, make the thread. However, to differentiate it from regular threads, you MUUUUUST put [EVT] in a tag in the title. Not doing so will earn you a slap on the wrist and a sternly-worded PM. This is utterly imperative. Please don't forget to do this.

Aside from that, what you do and how you do it is up to you! Forget to update the Event thread, it'll be archived, and you won't get the point reward at the end, nor will any of your players. Post and control the scenario, lead the mission to an end, and notify a staff member, and we'll dole out the points, archive it in the Completed Events subforum, frame it and put a little bow on it as well as giving you a gold star. Probably.

As the thread goes on, OOC discussion of how it should progress should be held in the original sign-up thread in the Ongoing Events subforum. That's not where you post the Event RP thread. THAT goes in the corresponding roleplay forum.

As a restriction, a user is permitted to only GM one player event at a time, but may RP in as many as they deem fit. You may be kicked out of one if you're slowing the whole thing down. Posting orders, as such, are imperative. After one finishes or is archived, you may start another!


Well, that's all. Any questions, PM or contact me primarily. Everything you need should be here. Some ideas for threads are simply good old little skirmishes with NPC character types your GM controls. And feel free to collaborate to create missions; it doesn't have to be independent, though a single GM needs to be appointed.

A mission should ideally involve conflict of some kind as opposed to anything else. It may not have to be out-and-out physical; it could be more unorthodox if you'd like, but that's my parting word. Conflict should be central to your Event.

Good luck with creating Events, and have fun!
Lazarus Carter
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