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Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:12 am


Positions currently open: Beastmaster (NPC controller), Librarian (bestiary mod), Billposter (adverts mod)

First, a few words on the nature of applying for a staff position.

1] Do not apply for a staff position if you know you may or could be inactive in the near future. We know that nothing lasts forever and real life comes first, and staff numbers will inevitably change, but at least try to guarantee a degree of tentative activity.

2] Do not apply for a staff position if you simply want a position of power in the hierarchy. Staff members have more responsibilities and things asked of them on a regular basis, and if you don't help out, you'll be removed, pretty simple. People who are just along for kicks and don't do anything just shouldn't bother applying, cause we will weed you out soon enough.

3] Please do not become disheartened if we tell you we don't think you're the right people for the job. It's very hard to sometimes pick between a few applications, and it may not feel fair, but the staff reserve an executive right to pick the person we feel most suited to the job. Experience, consistency, and levelheadedness tend to be the three major attributes we look for.

4] Do not abuse your power. Staff, Billposters, and Librarians are the three staff types with cbox powers; Beastmasters simply get access to the NPC accounts. If we find you abusing this power, then we will remove it from you and the position altogether.

5] Do your job properly. We're lenient, and, yes, mistakes do happen - but please try not to mess up, guys. It makes more work for us at the end of the day.

6] A word concerning veterans. Whilst we try not to discriminate, we're not going to realistically be taking on people whose activity we can't vouch for, and someone who's been around for three months will have more clout in their application than someone who's been around for a week. It's just for the longevity of the site and so we know people just won't simply drop out.

7] Finally, site contribution. Don't join the staff because you want a position of respect, like I said earlier - staff exist in their respective positions for, on top of, of course, being productive and dutiful members of Deus Mortuus, but to contribute to the site, its organisation, and its longevity.

8] Post your application as a thread in this forum. Title it as follows: "<Alias>, <Position Wanted> Application". So for, say, Jay applying for his Beastmaster role, it would be "Jay, Beastmaster Application". Simple.

[b]Name[/b]: What's your site alias?
[b]Characters[/b]: List all your characters.
[b]Position Wanted[/b]: See above in the template thread for the positions currently open.
[b]Experience[/b]: Staffing experience of any sort on this site or another.

[b]Summary[/b]: Give us a few paragraphs concerning WHY you think you should be a staff member, why we should pick you for the job. Try and, if you can, specifically justify [b]this[/b] staff role in particular. Do you have experience with advertising if you want to be a Billposter?

A large portion of staff applications are going to be denied - and this is because we're not looking for a mass group of people, and some people just won't be right for the jobs we have in mind. That's not a problem on your part, and please do not perceive it as such or get upset. This may not mean you are not suited for a staff role; just that we, as a staffing body, do not think that you're ideal, for whatever reason, for the position stated.


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