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Post by Tony Carvalho Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:06 am


Tony Carvalho Wwkms6 Tony Carvalho Wwkms6Tony Carvalho Wwkms6
”Tell me, why are we~
So blind to see~
That the ones we hurt~
Are you and me?~”


Tony Santiago “La Cucaracha” Carvalho




San Salvador, El Salvador





Tony Carvalho is a man of ice cold efficiency, as well as die-hard spirituality, and his looks show it, particularly in the professional way he carries himself. He never slouches, never stares down at someone’s feet; always walks straight, walks confidently, but not boldly, and always keeps his chin up. And at a height of 6’2”, built with muscle, with a deep voice that could intimidate the very air, he can stand to be quite imposing. He has eyes of dark gray, almost always fixed in a stony glare, although one wouldn’t tell as he tends to wear shades quite often. In addition, he tends to wear dark colored pants with a white T-shirt and a black jacket, most days, alongside a brown fedora- wide-brimmed of course. This sits atop a head of black hair, often kept in dreads, and cut to just over shoulder-length. Speaking of hair, he wears an odd necklace; upon a thick spun-gold string, he wears a lock of hair. From who? He doesn’t know. All he knows is it was a brunette, and a woman, at a beauty salon, one time. Nevertheless, a lock of a woman’s hair is considered good luck to carry, so he always carries it.


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I take a look at my life and realize there's not much left

Tony is, as one could imagine, rather hardened from his life, despite the fact it hasn’t, by the standards of many, been quite that long, yet. At the still-young age of 37, he’s suffered much, and his personality stands to display such. Rather than succumbing to depression or anger, however, Tony has taken all of it in stride and merely accepted it; his crimes had led to his tribulations, and his tribulations had stripped him of any resemblance of his former self. He was no more the young Tony Santiago Carvalho, blind to the horrors and evils of Earth’s mean streets. He was no longer Cucaracha, the unkillable “cockroach” of MS-13 and his own former gang, Black Sparrow, the lethally efficient, yet power-driven, ambitious man who let his own ambitions become his downfall. He was now nameless; a living tool of Liberation, akin to an arm or leg of the fight for freedom from the oppression of crime. There may not be much left, but he has that. A small bit of comfort, perhaps.

'Coz I've been blastin' and laughin' so long, that
Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone

He has, however, been forced to deal with the repercussions of his life, in other ways; while outwardly calm and professional, the inside of the man’s mind is utter turmoil and disarray; as a child, he was traumatized by his first experiences with the gangs of the Brazilian favelas, and then by the hidden intricacies of El Salvador’s own back alleys and slums. This clearly had an effect on him, and with his mind corrupted by such events, he joined a gang to vie for safety, protection, and most of all, so people would leave him and his family alone; with a gang behind him, who could touch him? But it had an opposing effect, as he saw things… Horrible things. Things he shouldn’t have seen so long. Have you ever seen a man die? Seen the bloodshot fear, heard the unspoken scream, in his eyes as he slowly faded to the afterlife, gone forever? It does something to the mind.

But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it
Me be treated like a punk you know that's unheard of

With his mind broken, quite far beyond repair, he has really lost much of what others could call a conscience. He is ruthless, especially in battle, and comes off as having antisocial personality disorder, not understanding things from any perspective but his own, and his own agenda. He does, however, have a personal code of sorts; it isn't often that he will instigate a fight, nor provoke someone to the point of violence, preferring to circumvent such things with words, whenever possible. Though once he is provoked... Well, let's save that for later, shall we? Further, he does have a bit of fame, or infamy as the case sometimes may be, and relies on that; he can't stand when others talk down to him or claim he is weak, especially when they have him outmatched. Such claims can drive him to a point where he can't withhold his anger anymore, and cracks, dropping his cool, calm, collected exterior, and violently lashing out at the aggressor in question, or, if said enemy is absent, the nearest thing that can relieve his stress.

I really hate to trip but I gotta, loc
As I grow I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool

But no matter how he acts on the outside, there's a single thing lingering in his mind; a nearly constant fear of his past doings catching up with him, those he's wronged coming for him, slowly but surely, intent on bringing him down. No matter where he is, what he's doing, who he's with, no matter how discreet he is at his job, he always feels like a sitting duck, a target waiting to be killed. And he can simply tell that in no time at all, he will have to stand and face the consequences for what he's done...

You better watch how you're talkin', and where you're walkin'
Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk

Yet, nevertheless, he doesn't let his fear own him too much. No matter how paranoid he gets, he always prioritizes Liberation over himself. As a member of multiple gangs over his lifetime, he has come to believe in a sort of pack mentality, and it instilled a certain loyalty that transferred over to Liberation, once Dante had gained his trust, and the reverse. Any enemy of Dante, of Liberation, of Brazil's common man, of the blue-collar worker of any nation; that enemy was his as well. And he was quite notorious for dealing with enemies quite proficiently. His dedication to the goals of the group has yet to falter, nor does he plan to allow it to do so. So long as there is corruption in the favelas, Tony will remain to the fighting end.

I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like
On my knees in the night, sayin' prayers in the streetlight

Before, however, he meets the other end of the bullet, and faces Death on his pale horse for the final time, he has but one goal perhaps as important as his loyalty to Liberation, likely due to a bit of overlap. He really does strive to be a role model for kids; his dream is to see, at least locally, a single generation of kids that grow up in a gangless society. for that to happen, the current generation of children have to grow up with the right influences. And it falls to him to try and keep evil out of their world. This is partly to cleanse himself of some of the evil he feels he has done in his life. A form of repentance, he struggles to try to forgive himself and forget the wrongs he's caused, hoping that by saving others, he can save himself.

On a hot day in February, in the city of San Salvador, Juanita Carvalho was giving birth to her eight child, a son who would be known as Tony Carvalho. This son then entered a family that was poor, always on the fence between homelessness and substantial shelter, trying to make ends meet. It was a tough life in a tough world, and he grew up in the worst parts of the city. It wasn't a good place to be, especially for a kid, to be completely honest, and he'd often see things he shouldn't see. Among these, unfortunately, was he once saw armed men break into his family's house, and watched, hiding under a bed, in horror as they gunned down his father and his three year old little sister, who'd had no chance to hide. It was terrifying, really. It also expanded his worldview, his goals and ambitions. This couldn't happen again, he wouldn't let it. He had to get something to defend his family with. He needed a gun.

And there was only one way to obtain a gun for a child in the slums of El Salvador. He found a guy who knew a guy, and that guy led him to the local branch of MS-13. For you see, he'd decided that he did need a gun, and he'd have to join a gang to get a gun. So he chose to join one of the most powerful gangs he could think of, and once he was in, he was in for good. He had protection, a weapon, and a reputation on the streets. It said to potential criminals who'd try to harm him, "Back down, or get ready to die." Life was pretty good to him. He wasn't even one of the upper echelon of the gang, in fact, he was just a goods carrier, a delivery boy, and some of those he worked with would pick on him relentlessly, calling him la cucaracha- he was small, irritating, and couldn't fight, only run away, much like a cockroach. Ahhh, but he'd show them.

As he grew into his teenage years, he gained more respect, more recognition, and more street cred. He became a hitman for the gang, and soon became one of the best. It was told that he was a man so fast, he could simply run up and stab you to death with the bullet, rather than shoot you, that he was invincible, and wielded six guns at once. Obviously, those were just kids' stories, however. He was, though, renowned for his skill, born with a knack for handling a pistol. In a twist of fate, enemies of the gang feared a hailstorm of lead death from the infamous Cucaracha. And he relished in it.

Eventually, however, he decided he'd gotten too good for MS-13. He just up and left, one day, gathering a small selection of gangsters loyal to him, and he formed a new gang; Black Sparrow. As leader, he had his men do whatever struck his fancy, and eventually, he'd built up an underground empire, spanning the entire country, sometimes even tipping out of El Salvador. He had made for himself a kingdom, and in this kingdom, he was the king. He ran a variety of criminal enterprises, making a name for himself once more, now as the boss, the big man in charge. But he grew proud. Hubris is the true downfall of man, and he wore it like a badge. Gloating, berating those inferior to him, or just acting like he was something better than what he really was... Eventually, the worst possible outcome occurred.

His own senior members tried to jump him and kill him. It was a betrayal of the highest degree, as if Brutus, Cassius, and Judas had all risen from the ninth circle to empower the filthy rats that were mutinying. To be completely fair, they did have every right to mutiny, as he was being an arrogant and corrupt leader, even amongst other arrogant and corrupt people. With nowhere else to go, he took a boat North, eventually reaching New Orleans, in the US. From there, he eventually found a woman living in a shack in a swamp. She was a voodoo priestess, and had been living alone for years. In need of a place to hide out, he asked if he could stay there, where nobody could find him.

And so he stayed at the woman's house for eight years, hunting, fishing, and foraging for her, as well as doing household tasks and chores. A few years later, when Katrina hit, he rebuilt the shack by himself. It wasn't the best life, but it worked. It was also during this time in the bayou, he converted to the voodoo faith. But, no matter how much he wished otherwise, good things never stayed good.

When you're on the run from more people than you can count, you don't think about paying your taxes. When you don't think about paying your taxes, the government gets upset. When the government gets upset, they have the IRS come by your house to arrest you. Don't get arrested by the IRS; get rid of cable, and upgrade to Direct TV. At any rate, however, Tony had to flee, once again. He'd made too many enemies in El Salvador, so that wasn't an option. He could go to Brazil, his father's homeland...

And so he did. He ran away, making his way to Brazil to avoid the IRS. He ended up broke, spending all the money he had left from his crime days to hide in Brazil. He ended up in the favelas, little to his name but his guns and his name. It was there that he met Dante Alencar, a man who saved him from a return to crime. He joined Liberation soon after it was formed, wanting to change the world again, this time for the better.

And the future looks a bit brighter for it.


Liberation, and only Liberation. Believes all other factions to be inferior, convoluted, and corrupt.

- Escape and Evasion: Tony is extremely proficient in playing in shadows and keeping his head down low; years of being on the run from various groups and organizations can teach a guy to know how to hide and run.
- Pistols: Give him a pistol, and he can take down nearly anyone. He has an almost natural proficiency with pistols, and is considered to be one of the finest marksmen on Earth.
- Quick and Agile: Like a rabbit, he is, when it comes to running, and like a cheetah he is when it comes to attacking. He certainly has speed on his side.
- Master Lockpick: Give him a lock and any object small enough to fit into said lock, and some that aren’t; he’ll have it cracked within twenty minutes.
- Streetwise: He knows the ins and outs of life on the streets. Who to go to for what, where to go, where not to go, how to act here, what not to say there… He’s even got a few contacts who aren’t trying to kill him that can give the Liberation a fine cutting edge.
- Voodoo: While voodoo isn’t usually used for nefarious purposes (TAKE THAT HOLLYWOOD), given that voodoo IS a recognized religion, and demons ARE allergic to religious symbols, TECHNICALLY he can use voodoo dolls as a legitimate weapon. If he ever cared to fight demons. Or had any way of getting into Inferis anyways.

- Paranoia: Well, given how many people want him dead, this is a necessity. Nevertheless, he is constantly on edge, which is REALLY STRESSFUL and distracting most of the time, as he has developed at least borderline paranoid schizophrenia, believing that someone is always trying to catch him; a belief that is legitimately true, though not quite as he pictures it.
- ANY OTHER FIREARM: Yes, he’s amazing at pistols. Rifles? No. Shotguns? No. SMGs? No. Anything that has a trigger and isn’t a pistol? No.
- Strength: While he is quick, Tony isn’t exactly a bodybuilder or captain of the football team. He’s thin and easy to TACKLE TO DEATH, and can’t lift much more than your average person.
- Education: He never received any form of formal education, and therefore, despite his street smarts, lacks in a number of areas that many grade school children know.
- Superstitious: He is highly superstitious, which can be taken advantage of fairly easily, with some knowledge of Louisiana Voodoo practices.
- Wanted: He is wanted by at least four national governments, Sombra Negra, and the IRS.
- Traitor: He is ALSO wanted by MS-13 and his old gang, Black Sparrow.
- Reckless: He doesn’t think of consequences when in action, and much like Dante, lets passion color everything when fighting for the Liberation.
- Quick to Run: That said, he is REALLY quick to run from a fight that he doesn’t think he can win easily. Anything under 50/50 in his favor, for example.
- Ignorance: Has no idea that Inferis exists, like much of the world.
- Illiterate: Given his lack of education, it must also be noted that he can’t read or write, beyond signing his name, which he does poorly, and in printed writing, rather than proper penmanship.

Tony speaks Spanish, Louisiana Creole and Portuguese with exceptional skill. He also speaks fluent BULLET.


- The bounty on his head is currently estimated at $70,000 USD.
- Is currently on the run from; MS-13, Black Sparrow, the IRS, the FBI, the Brazilian federal police, the Salvadoran federal police, the Mexican federal police, a number of street gangs everywhere, Sombra Negra, bounty hunters, all enemies of the Liberation, and a very relentless mailman.
- Practices voodoo, and is quite superstitious; Carries a lock of some girl’s hair at all times, as well as a shaker of salt, in the event he needs salt and doesn’t have any, as it is bad luck to borrow or loan salt in Louisiana Voodoo. He also makes it a habit to take a lock of hair or a bone from every person he kills as a form of protection against bad spirits.
- Does a lot of anti-gang violence testimonies and classes at schools, juvenile prisons, and other places.
- Has a soft spot for society's underdogs.
- Donates half of his income to orphans and a quarter to Liberation's cause.




ASH KETCHUM, AFRO SAMURAI, AND LARA CROFT. And my actual characters.

19 inches. What? That’s how long I’ve been roleplaying.


Tony Carvalho
Tony Carvalho

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Tony Carvalho Empty Re: Tony Carvalho

Post by Alice the Chopper Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:13 am


- Is currently on the run from; MS-13, Black Sparrow, the IRS, the FBI, the Brazilian federal police, the Salvadoran federal police, the Mexican federal police, a number of street gangs everywhere, Sombra Negra, bounty hunters, all enemies of the Liberation, and a very relentless mailman.

I want to be that mailman.


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