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Wormwood, the Punisher

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Wormwood, the Punisher Empty Wormwood, the Punisher

Post by Wormwood on Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:41 am


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I'm sorry I ripped you apart.



Leliel, Lailah, Laylah, The Great Star, The Bitter Star, The Angel of Night, The Protector of Night, The Angel of Penance, The Bleeding Angel, The Nightbringer, The Sandman (Dismisses this one personally), Laila Wurm (Mortal Alias)

Somewhere around two-thousand

Identifies as female

Station of Retribution

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A frail child with pale skin and bright red eyes, Wormwood is far from what one would consider to be a traditional angel. Leliel was born as a child of the night, a protector rather, but still of that nature. She was born from darkness, molded from the shadows. A glorious and bright form was not to be hers, for the Lord had different plans. A subtle form, a form that could blend in with those of the dark. She was granted sharp fangs where the normal mortal canines would be, that alongside her red irises give the angel an overall vampiric appearance. This is not exactly the truth, however. Unlike most angels, Wormwood was born without wings, cursed to walk the ground. Well, at least for a little bit.

Even some of the Angelic Host could get creative from time to time.

Tired of walking the ground while the rest of the host freely graced the skies, a hint of envy built in the Bitter Star's soul. She did not take devious action upon this, which surely would've ended badly for her, but rather fashioned a pair of artificial wings from discarded angelic materials. They appear to be a gaudy set of Christmas lights or something, but are in actuality a heavenly substance that has levitation properties. Several of these strung onto wire, and rather gruesomely inserted into Leliel's back, and she was soon flying amongst her siblings.

Wormwood often dresses in a somewhat of a Victorian style of dress, more than often displaying bright colors such as red and yellow, colors of passion, or she refers to them as. Really, she just chooses these colors to accent her blonde hair and red eyes, a yet further hint of vanity.


Wormwood's mortal form is a great example of perfection.

Yet, it's almost as if it's too perfect. This form can make some uneasy, as something simply seems off about her, but yet somewhat comforting at the same time. The fact that this form is somewhat transparent on Earth also doesn't exactly help anything. The angel gives off what one could only describe as a ghostly essence, one that is definately supernatural. To the trained Ritualist or Templar, or Demon Hunter even, she would radiate to be seemingly demonic beingso the Host has yet to make it's presence fully known at the current era of time. Bottom line, Wormwood gives off an uneasy aura.

Physically speaking, Leliel appears as a young girl, no older than twelve or thirteen. Her skin is pale and without blemish, just as it was in her angelic form. The Punisher's eyes change from an obscure red to a brilliant blue much like a clear summer sky. Long golden lochs of hair compliment these orbs of light, reaching to her waist and often left somewhat unkempt. Her frame is slender and frail, and is exactly that.

Wormwood dresses simply and yet with grace in this form, often donning a dark green formal dress with blue and white accents. Her fashion sense is somewhat outdated, as it would be only typical to see one dress like this normally in the 1800's. This only further adds to her air of supernatural mystery, and the angel seems to be entirely oblivious to it...


"Oh, the child? I'd avoid her if you can."

That's the line usually given to newcomers to the land of gold and light, Paradise. Wormwood is a rather well known angel, and this isn't exactly for the best of reasons. At the core, she was born from a star of bitterness, which gave her a negative personality from the very start. And the only reason it is even permitted is for that exactly reason, she was made to be that way. Penance and punishment were her cardinal virtues, and she didn't have to be nice about it. After all, all these devil worshipers, these violators, these sinners and unholy creatures, they all deserved the harshest of God's judgement, they deserved divine punishment. And so with a bitter attitude, Wormwood continued to exist alongside the other angels, and so it would be.

But as well all know, it's never that simple.

Personalities tend to change with age, well, at least in most cases. Even though she is a little over two-thousand years old, for some reason, the angel never exactly grew up like the rest of the Host. Her body remained as it was created, and so did her attitude. She isn't afraid to show her opinion of others or even rudely state that they're perhaps overweight or poorly dressed. There is no shame, just like a human kid. In a sense of the title, the being is also somewhat of a cosmic spoiled brat, as she'll often whine to her superiors about what she wants or needs for a particular job, and complain when she doesn't receive exactly what she needs. Her requests are often of juvenile ridiculousness, often asking for a grand army for a small task or a weapon of mass destruction for a single sentencing. This usually is perceived by annoying, but not insubordinate. As one of the Host would know, the angel was bestowed with a blessing that negates any thoughts of rebellion against the Lord and his holy Archangels, making her at the core eternally loyal. Even so, it's hard to rid even a celestial being completely of sin.

And what would Leliel's sin be? If there were to be an overarching one, it would be pride, or perhaps greed. Or rather, the combination of the two, vanity. Being an angel and the most holy of all of the Lord's creations, she isn't afraid to rub that in the face of a mortal and especially a demon, which may not be the best thing for her health. She looks down upon others and considers herself second only to the archangels, and believes that she should be treated as such. Wormwood is known to blow up completely at the slightest hint of discontent about her. Perhaps the greatest example of this was when a fellow angel took some food from her home without directly asking her, which resulting in an angered Leliel, and ultimately the said angel's fall for "stealing". Many might want to put her in her place, but more fear the thought of doing so, as the angel of penance frustratingly holds the job of performing the actual task of sending the fallen ones down into the pit and Inferis.

If one were to actually spend the time, and carefully tread around her fragile anger, they would find that the air of pride and vanity is a result of loneliness, an emotion that the angel feels in waves. Not many enjoy her company and will try to avoid her, and at this point, they might even misplace her simple greetings as a move of hostility. Perhaps if Wormwood had but a single true friend, she might be different, but that's hard to say. After all, when it comes down to it, being alone is nobody's but her own fault.

Slaughtering demons usually provides for an excellent method of coping with this.


If there were one to protect the light, then who would protect it's parallel, the darkness? Surely somebody had to, as it was in the end a holy creation was was everything else, and despite the Prince of Darkness' title, was not of demonic origin. And so, long ago, an angel was born from a star, and this creation was named Leliel. That was seven billion years, well, perhaps much longer than that in fact, ago. The angel that stands with this title and moniker now is not the original. In fact, she is generations far from this being, as the Guardian of the Night frequently has complications and doesn't hold their position for very long. And in most cases, this usually results in the said protector to be cast into Inferis and join the legions of hell. This has occurred time and time again, and the Lord was beginning to grow tired with casting the same punishment for the same reasons time and time again.

This brings us to the newest guardian, the current holder of the title of Leliel.


2,495 years ago the LORD created an angel of penance, of punishment, as a part of his divine plan. More and more angels of death and retribution were being born, and this one was probably not the first born of penance, but she was unique yet. Or should it be called a she, in actuality that is just the sex it chose to identify as, as celestial beings are created without gender. She was different, born from a red star, one of bitterness, this angel was generated without wings. She was born with burning emotions and vices, which were all destined to be from the very beginning. As the Holy Beast wished for this being to have passion, to have an air of cruelty, for this was not a creation of love or kindness. No, this was one of His fabled holy creations of wrath. And so the celestial body crawled from the red star, and it did not have wings, nor did eyes, and fangs bore it's wide mouth. It was no bigger than a normal child, and blonde hair of angelic quality came form her scalp. The LORD crafted a pair of eyes, organs red as the star she was born from, and with the ability to judge others, to see them, and to guide her through the darkness. They were placed inside of her skull, and God looked upon his newest creation. He thought of Lucifer and wept, not ever wishing to go through another situation as so, the being was blessed with His Holiness. This soul's mind was warped and gifted with obedience, any thoughts of rebellion would be deleted as soon as they surfaced, she would not be able to disobey, and she would not be able to fall. Wormwood was born.


And so she existed, she lived. At the beginning, she was welcomed to all of the great feasts, all of the activities, and all of the events that the more jovial of the Angelic Host participated in. And she did, as a child would never turn down such food and game. So the first few years of the Punisher's life were filled with merriment and game, as if there was never truly a problem in Inferis or on Earth. She was ignorant to these ideas, ignorant to Lucifer, as his name was no longer spoken in Paradise. There was so much preparing, the Archangel Michael reading his armies - but for what, the angel would think, but for what. Concepts slowly invaded Wormwood's head, and she became overwhelmed and curious. It was her job, surely as Akrasiel the Reckoner could not attend to all these personally, to carry out the physical 'execution' of the soon to be fallen angels. The punishment was decided by the Holy Executioner, but she soon became known to alter the plan to a more cruel or harsh one, something that the archangels didn't exactly frown upon at this point. Those who sinned, those who followed the Devil, everybody was fed up with their kind at this era. Or at least, the Angelic Host was. And so, based on the level of their holy crimes, the Fallen would be either returned to the soul steam, or even worse to some, eternal damnation in the lake of fire. The worst of the worst were given to Akrasiel personally, and only the LORD could even fathom the horrors that became of them at that point. The Host was cruel.


One may say that Wormwood stepped all over the Angelic rules, but she would much beg to differ, as they were carefully tread upon, not stomped about. She began to judge others for herself, though it was not her domain, and more often than not 'suggested' that the said offender be executed to her higher ups, who would often grant her permission or listen to her simply because they did it with half a mind, seeing how busy the Archangels were. The Punisher never didn't have a reason, though the said reason for execution was often small or trivial. Her first suggested punishment was in fact cast upon an angel of merriment, who had asked one of Wormwood's closest friends if it would be alright to borrow some food, which would gladly be paid back the following day. Though the child had once stated that what was hers was everyone's, she grew angry and greedy, unsure of how to react of something being taken from her without direct permission. So she ran off, quicker than ever, and told fabrications of how this angel stole from her, and even though he attempted to apologize and even return the 'stolen' item, Wormwood wouldn't have it. This angel was, perhaps one may argue falsely so, cast into the lake of fire with the rest of the condemned.


But what was in this lake of fire, and what was this land called Earth? The latter came to mind first, and she had once heard of angels walking amongst man in secret, influencing their culture and making sure they were on the right path. Though their fallen brothers and sisters wanted nothing but chaos and death, or so she was taught and believed, and often obstructed this path of salvation. Perhaps it was her time to visit and see for herself, less she remained ignorant in Heaven, or something of that nature. Regardless, the Punisher decided to walk upon the mortal plane, and it was the first time that her mortal form came into view and was created. Crafted in the image of what she thought would be a child, a symbol of trust and innocence, she never got it exactly right. The form was ghostly and transparent, and a little unnerving, but still overly human in the long run. Her time in the 1800's was short, as she only visited for but a short year, and this time was mostly spent with a mortal artist. A painter. This man was on a load of drugs, and perhaps that's why he paid Wormwood no mind, and even went as far to consider her his friend. And so she thought the same of him, and they spent much time together. The curious angel learned much of the world at that time, and even a bit about the mortal's view of the Host though a book called the Bible. The book brought more questions than answers for the girl, as it was the first time she encountered such words as "Lucifer", "The Serpent", "The Devil", and "The Betrayer". What did those words mean? The more she thought about it, the more Paradise became appealing. Surely the angels would know the answer, or the archangels, or perhaps the LORD knew all things. And so, the painter was abandoned one day, left lonely and without a friend, as Wormwood returned to the Host body in search of answers.

She had thrown away her one friend.


Wormwood traveled the lands of Paradise, never leaving too far from the Station as duty often called her back, but she did what little exploring she could manage. That was somewhere around three hundred years ago, perhaps a little longer, but still not that much time to any transcendent being. It was only then that she stumbled across a scholar, an angel outside of his area of influence who was embarking on similar travels, though his brain contained far more knowledge than the girl's. He was old and wise, an angel of Gabriel, and he knew the story of the fall very well, despite not being around for it himself. And so the Punisher asked about Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, and an answer most short she received; "The Betrayer. He condemned the Lord and demanded the throne. He and his followers were cast away." Condemned the Lord? This was a concept the angel didn't quite understand, as these feelings and emotions of rebellion did not flow through her. It was in fact quite impossible for her to ever feel this. This former archangel found discontent in his position, he wanted more? He thought he deserved more? Wormwood agreed; he did deserve more.

More punishment.


And so the Bitter One's anger grew, and now it had a target, a purpose. She felt like a new being, reborn, as if her destiny was completely clear now. The hordes of Inferis, the legions of the Hell Princes, they all deserved divine penance, as their sins were neck deep. That may even be a bit of an understatement, as they had created sin, they were born from it and they revered it, they drowned in desire and bloodshed. They thought nothing of it, as if defying God was something that they could just get away with. Passion burned within her, just as it was meant to be. It was around this time that the current protector of night grew prideful. Or perhaps it was wrathful, the details were never exactly clear to Wormwood. Regardless, this Nightbringer went on a rampage, blatantly murdering several angelic children for no apparent reason. After the attack, Leliel was silent, and that name was soon stripped from him. Taken from him as the archangels laid their judgement, sending him aflame in the pit. He was no more, and there was no more watcher over the darkness. The bloodied angel saw this, and personally came to Michael the archangel, an action that shocked the Host. They thought the worst, the older ones remembered Lucifer. It was similar, yet vastly different. For Wormwood did not come to announce rebellion, but rather knelled, and instead asked forth a simple question, "Dare not I go directly to He, but how long must the night go unprotected, and how many more of Leliel will be created?" Her red eyes gazed upon the back of the archangel, who did not grace her eye contact, but was stuck in stoic thought. "Bestow the title upon me, as I cannot betray." And so the Protector turned to her, and said not a word, and so by the extension of His divine will, the title was granted to her. It was reasonable, for her words were truthful, as the blessing from the LORD would ultimately protect the Host from another disastrous least, in that area.

The new Nightbringer was born from an old.




[ EYES OF JUDGEMENT ] Wormwood was given a gift that is not uncommon amongst the ranks of the Reckoner and Judge's forces. Due to this, she is able to detect demonic or angelic presences to up to about twenty meters away, even on Earth. More often than not, she will play along with the detected, up until the point where they try to lie about what they really are. This is usually met with a quick and short response: "Liar."

[ DEADLIGHT ] Contrary to her weakness in direct sunlight, Leliel gains a significant advantage during nightfall. Created to protect the night and darkness originally, the angel's physical strength nearly doubles (bringing her to supernatural levels, allowing her to lift at least six-hundred pounds with relative ease) and grants her Gear easier use.

[ ARTIFACT WINGS ] Not only are the source of power for her Gear, but Leliel's strange wings are in fact fully functional for flight. The crystals that hang from the artificial wire are crafted from a strange substance perhaps only available in the Heavens, a material that actually allows for some form of levitation, thus giving her flight capabilities. More curiously, Wormwood is seemingly able to switch this effect on and off.

[ HEAVENLY REGENERATION ] Minor wounds are trivial to Wormwood, as her angelic body allows for her to heal much quicker than your everyday mortal. Cuts and bruises will heal without assistance within a few hours, while major wounds such as bullet holes, or perhaps a stab wound, would take a bit longer than that but would still ensure that the angel returns to fight another day. Limbs at this point cannot be re-attached by any means.

[ NIGHTVISION ] The angel is quite capiable of seeing in complete darkness nearly unhindered. This likely comes from her heavenly eyes, which were actually crafted after the being, as she was originally born without eyes at all, but were in fact a gift from God.

[ MISCONCEIVED WEAKNESS ] Wormwood is not all that fragile to flames or fire. In fact, her body burns slightly slower than most others, and the large shadows that flames bring actually enhance her Gear's abilities.


[ SHACKLES OF GOD ] Wormwood is quite literally unable to betray or even question the divine will that is the Lord and the Archangels. It was a blessing bestowed upon her after her destructive tendencies were fully realized, and she treats it as such, being blindly loyal to the Host.

[ GARLIC ] The Bleeding Angel has a strange distaste for one of Earth's more bitter vegetables. Garlic in any form will repel Wormwood, as she can't touch it for whatever reason. The spice causes the angel mild burning sensations that are not entirely harmful but painful.

[ ARROGANCE ] Blindly loyal to the archangels and God, Wormwood won't bend her beliefs to anybody else's.

[ CHILDISH ] Wormwood is a relatively young angel, only being about two-thousand years old which is considered a toddler stage for a celestial being, she most certainly is not all knowing or even overly intelligent. However, much like a mortal child, the angel will claim otherwise, coming off as a bit of a know-it-all brat.

[ SUNLIGHT ] Another considerably strange weakness for an angel, Leliel cannot stand the sunlight as she was born as a protector of darkness and the night. When in direct rays, the angel will find herself and her Gear weakened significantly, to the point where she is almost entirely harmless.

[ BODY OF A TEN YEAR OLD ] Wormwood is as frail as she appears in her Mortal Form, giving her a disadvantage physically when out of Inferis. However, her angelic form is not to be underestimated. When in hell or paradise, she can easily lift over four hundred and fifty pounds, and while the effects of her Gear are in place, this weight limit almost skyrockets if not entirely thanks to an ancient system of lever and pulley.

[ THOUSAND APOLOGIES ] While not a hindering weakness, Wormwood must apologize after she has ended another individual. It's more of a habit than anything, and at times, can be downright creepy.

[ UNCOOPERATIVE ] Leliel has a hard time working with demons in general, let alone tolerating their presence. This is sometimes counterproductive.


Wormwood is able to speak a few languages traditionally taught to the Angelic Host, including Latin (harlequin green), Demonic (crimson), Angelic (indigo), and English (amber).


A fan of opera and orchestrated music, as it is the general genre of Paradise, though the angel has been caught enjoying tunes from progressive and melodic metal bands.
Speaking of music, Leliel has an unnaturally pleasing high soprano voice.
She has no sense of how to properly function most of Earth's technology. This once lead to a disastrous explosion while attempting to cook minute rice in a microwave.
Wormwood enjoys playing with the lifeless bodies of her victims as if they were over-sized dolls. She sometimes keep these playthings until they are nothing but rotted bones. Also, furthermore, she fully enjoys literally bathing in their blood.
This morbid detail is known by almost all of the Host, but is generally "looked over" as the victims are always worshipers of the False One.
Further attributing to her childish nature, Wormwood enjoys stuffed animals and crayons. Mostly the latter, and it's even rumored that she refuses to let the Crayola industry go out of business.
She seems to be somehow connected to yellow roses, and has the ability to make them bloom, even in harsh conditions. Ironically, the yellow rose is typically used as a symbol of friendship and kindness.
There is a portrait of the angel's mortal form hanging in the Johannesburg Art Gallery from the time when she visited Earth.
Loves to, and I mean loves to torment the prisoners on the Station of Retribution.




Alice Engelherz, Asmodeus, Abaddon, Marco Oliveira, Michael, Kerry Fitzhenry, and Alastor Azarov II.

How long have you been a bitch?

Angel Form:

Mortal Form:
[b]IB[/b] :: [b]MARY[/b]


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Archive date is September 12th.


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And this is ready for review.


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Mammon likes this one.  I am concerned. xD


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When in Inferis, they use italics with an appropriate color coding for the language when speaking telepathically to each other. :|
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