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Lucifuge Rofocale Empty Lucifuge Rofocale

Post by Lucifuge on Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:12 am


Lucifuge Rofocale Wb86z9Lucifuge Rofocale Wb86z9
Lucifuge Rofocale Wb86z9

” Soul of Christ, make me holy
Body of Christ, be my salvation
Blood of Christ, let me drink your wine.”


Archduke Lucifuge Rofocale

The Broken One
The Archdemon That Wasn’t
The Risen Demon
Archduke of Nothing
Sathariel The Concealment of God


Male for the sake of ease


Lucifuge Rofocale 2z3nbdw

Lucifuge Rofocale 2v1lppv



Lucifuge is, beyond the ultimate forms of the Archdemons, among the most wretched in shape of the humanoid demons that wander Inferis. One cannot with any ease describe his form for by the time one is done explaining one appendage, it has mutated into something entirely else. It does not help that his shape is dictated by his emotions and even when compressed into his “mortal” shape, he can spontaneously burst into a variety of mutagenic forms. Imagining what would happen if you gave clay sentience, then insanity, then tortured it for a couple hundred years might start to give you the faintest idea of how vile his form is.

To give, perhaps, an instance of his demon shape, one could perhaps take a still shot and work outwards from there. We take first the silhouette of a man of immense size and robe him in a great cloak of crimson, however this is as close to human as we shall henceforth be. Under the cloak, remove all possible distinguishing features that might be mistaken for human and replace them with a congeals and writhing mass of chiten, mouths, tentacles, and pain incarnate. Just for fun throw in the occasional bursting organ, various animal parts, and rotted face of a loved one. Now on top of all of this, acting a some sort of head, take a skull of any origin, staple to it the flesh of any creature you so choose, and proceed to blast it with a combat shutgun repeatedly until it is no longer recognizable. Around all of this, blazes a myriad of small sigils that seem to be the only thing stopping it from dissolving into a pile of nightmares. And about there is when you get maybe the closest thing a mortal might be able to do to describe Lucifuge.

This is the form that Lucifuge will try his damnest to always keep, but that is not really something under his full control. While underneath his great cloak the differences are minor, having just congealed his horrid mass into something almost humanoid in shape, it his head that is the primary difference. While still quite moldable, often changing and mutating even during pleasant conversation, it is at least mildly less disturbing than his uncontrolled state. When he is really as controlled as he can be, often only during prayers, his face can assume an almost angelic appearance though often with some tragic and terrible flaw. A common shape, however, for his head to take is seemingly that of several skulls rammed together at various points, as though he had turned his head in slow motion and each moment of that turn added another piece to an ever growing face. This creates a bizarrely wide and elongated appearance and a mouth wide enough to swallow a watermelon whole. His front most face appears vaguely human though lacking of any eyes or particularly distinguish features. Atop his head is a crown of bone and twitching eyes at circles the whole of his head, giving the quite disturbing and quite accurate feeling that he is watching you.

** Note, a common theme in both of his forms is a large twisted hole of broken ribs located near the center of his mass within which glows a fiery red Sigil that glows like an ember while he is calm and flares like the sun when he is angered.**

Despite everything I have just told you about the hideousness of Lucifuge’s form, it is about time that I reveal to you the truth of this disgusting demon. In truth, Lucifuge is a deeply tragic being, a being filled with sadness seven billion years old and counting. Out of all of Hell, Lucifuge might be among the only demons who really, truly, and sincerely regrets the Fall, who feels that he deserves his damnation and is willing to live with it if he must. However, is given preference, Lucifuge wants more than anything to enter again into God’s favor and feel the cleansing light of heaven once more. Lucifuge thus is a demon who refuses the sins of flesh and mind with as much will power as he can muster. Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility, these seven virtues are at the center of every action that Lucifuge takes. He will go out of his way to help those lost in hell, he will always return any favors given to him, he refuses to imbibe any more than his form needs to keep healthy, he is essentially the absolute opposite of everything a demon should stand for. He is, however, still a demon, something that no amount of kindness or charity can change. When stress or other situations become too great, Lucifuge will become a torrent of wrath and hate that is so overwhelming to essentially nullify all his kindess.


The Secret and Blessed Recollections of Above

In the beginning there was He and He alone who is called I AM and it was good. The Lord, his omnipotent vision cast upon the dark blank slate of existence gave voice for the first time and life to his first children, the Angels of Heaven. He and his Blessed Children crafted from a fabric of darkness and nothing a realm of perfection and peace, a realm of no want, nor need, nor suffering. In time, The Lord would fashion from his Divine Soul an angel to handle each task and to keep the fledgling cosmos balanced and secure. I was among these blessed creations of the Lord God, known then as Hadraniel of the Second Gate. I was given a great honor by our Lord, given form and strength to guard the passage between the Second and Third Sphere of Heaven, sixty myriads of parasangs tall was I and instilled with the grandeur and majesty of the Lord. Man had yet been fashioned and my post was a lonely one, but I served with a great swelling of Joy in my heart as I knew I preformed the will of Our Lord.

Many many passages describing various memories of Heaven. Many of the pages have blood drippings upon then as though the author's hand was made raw from relentless writing

Lucifer was the Lord Commander of the Archangels, the Lord's Pride and Joy, second only to He. Lucifer was an angel of great and powerful charisma, who spoke with an ease and a power that make one shake to hear. In my lonely place between the star, Lucifer had often visited me, knowing that I longed to hear the distant voice of God. He spoke sweet nothings to me, words of deceit, of rebellion. I know that now. But then...then I heard words of friendship, of kindness, or sympathy. I heard the voice of reason and of logic, a voice that asked me why had I been given such might and such power only to be left alone, untouched and unseen in all these many eons. Lucifer took my heart and manipulated it against God, and I in my infinite sorrow believed his every word.

In my voice that could penetrate two hundred thousand firmaments, in my voice that thunders like twelve thousand lightning strikes, in that voice that God gave to me I proclaimed my sorrow and my rage, my hate for the one who had created me and left me alone. It was by my hand that opened the gate towards the Lord, for I knew in my heart of hearts I could have closed the Gate and denied that most vile tempter, but I listened not. Among my lesser and greater brothers, I cursed God and among my lesser and greater brothers, I was damned.

I know now that this is what I deserved. It is not the place of Angels to judge God, we were created to serve his purposes of ultimate good, not to question his omnipotence. When I Fell, I only knew hate for all things. I hated God for damning me; I hated Lucifer for leading me down this left-hand path. I hated myself and I hated my brothers and I hated the not yet made humans who would replace us as His favored children. In my hate, my greatness gifted to me by God was consumed in hellfire and torment. I was among the first to land upon the wastes of Inferis, my Fall lit the skies up too all corners of the blacken wastes, the burning of my hate and of my angelic corpse like a terrible second sun.

When I awoke, I found myself far from my fallen brothers. Perhaps, perhaps it was for the best. I found my form to be reduced to a maddened mockery of life, a twisted and wretched shape no longer under my control. I was no longer Hadraniel the Glory of God, I was Sathariel, the Concealment of God's Mercy, I was Lucifuge He Who Flees the Light, I was among the damned. It took many many years to come back to my senses as in my mindless hate and rage, my body rippled across the uninhabited plains of the Inferno, killing and destroying all that came within its sights....

The Archdemons created their realms, Lucifer took his Throne in the Spire, many years passed and I only raged. I do not know why I was not killed, why the Princes of Hell did not erase me. Perhaps they enjoyed the destruction. Perhaps they thought me as a mere natural phenomena. Perhaps they didn’t care…

Eventually...eventually my hate and my energy would expend itself...eventually my mind would come up from the bottomless depths of my sorrow and reassert itself and see what it had caused. I know that this is my punishment; I know that I deserve to be in Hell. I also know, however, that there is no reason for me to live out my eternity like a demon. I shall let God once again into my heart of hearts, and I shall find redemption.


God and his Angels, Greyscale

Eyes On You: Lucifuge has 360 vision no matter what form he might take and thus is it rather impossible but by arcane Arts to sneak up on the fellow. This does not, however, mean he will be able to defend against any forth coming attack as his ill-formed body makes it hard for him to react quickly.

Abhorrent Form: Not only is he terribly scary to look at, Lucifuge’s shape does not have any of the standard anatomical placements of a humanoid being and thus has no individual “weak point” for say a groin kick or a kidney punch. Furthermore, unlike many demons, Lucifuge is immune to decapitation. It will still hurt because you lobbed off a huge chunk of flesh but its no instant kill.

Natural Weapons: Because his form is so malleable, Lucifuge can easily shift his appendages into piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning weapons dependent upon the circumstance. These appendages, however, strike no harder than his usual strength.

Tactical Genius: While he has living as much of his infernal life by a holy creed as he can, one can only be so passive for so long in Inferis. In order to keep himself alive and to further his causes elsewhere, Lucifuge has essentially become a treasure trove of tactical knowledge that can be applied both in small and large scale conflicts and in diplomatic proceedings.

Faith: Yes, Lucifuge has the one thing all other demons lack, and that is faith. While it doesn't seem like much to many, its enough to keep him going forward even in the most trying of situations. Also sometimes significantly lesser demons explode at his touch...but he says sorry for it.

Rebellious Form: As has been stated several times, Lucifuge's body is not entirely under his command and will thus constantly shift until he puts the whole of his concentration to work keeping it solid. This slows down his overall reaction time by a good degree essentially makes it impossible for him to defend against speedy attacks.

Kindness, yes? Since he is personally bound by the Seven Virtues, Lucifuge will almost always choose to show mercy and kindness even when it would be more beneficial for him to simply kill an opponent or let another fall. He is self-sacrificing to nearly the point of being suicidal at times.

Triple Damned: Despite his faith, Lucifuge is hardcore damned and almost any item of any religious faith can cause him serious pain. What makes this worse for him it if someone who truly has faith is using that item then he is more likely than not to not defend himself. Additionally salt is damaging to him similar to holy water to most other demons.

Faith, Again: Lucifuge is so obsessed with his wish to return to heaven and his faith will lead him to be reckless at times if he thinks it will help with his redemption or will grant him a death that somehow promotes good.

Outcast: Lucifuge's unorthodox ways has given him many more enemies than friends, thus he is just as likely to be attacked by other demons as he is by demon hunters.

The Tongue Lucifuge only ever speaks one language at a time, being able to speak and be understood by any who hear him. However he must choose whom he is focused on to understand their language, thus if he is with two people who are speaking different languages he can only understand one side of the conversation at a time.


- Lucifuge hates his form beyond all comparison, but accepts it as God's will
-Was actually excited about the Skyhavens coming.
-Ritualistically sears himself with religious relics every day
-Still knows Angelic, but cannot speak it without burning his throat  
-If ever summon, Lucifuge disallows his power to be used for evil.
-Lucifuge keeps a small keep of his own in the Stygian Wastes along side a salt river called Cocytus said to run with the tears of all the souls who are damned to Inferis. When there, Lucifuge wades into the river every morning and lets the painful water flush across him for as long as he can stand it. He believes this helps purify him.



Seven or Aldrich




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Lucifuge Rofocale Empty Re: Lucifuge Rofocale

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:22 am


This is a really, really incredible app. There's already a Cocytian Manor in the Stygian Tundra, but that river of tears thing is just... this is a really incredible app.


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