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#026 - Walking Apocalypse

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#026 - Walking Apocalypse Empty #026 - Walking Apocalypse

Post by Lazarus Carter Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:15 am


Name: Walking Apocalypse
Aliases: Mecha Angel, Motorized Demon, Hell Machinations, OH MY GOD GET DOWN IT'S FIRING AT US

Sphere: The Spirelands and wherever Lucifer chooses to send them.
Tier: Elite


Abilities: No remorse. No regret. No limits. No boundaries. No soul.

These mechanised imitations of a fallen angel are part of Lucifer's pet project with his own High Seraph and Belial's complex ferrokinesis. In his delusional nature, Lucifer has crafted in the image of an angel, a thirteen-foot tall mechanical behemoth capable of flight, with rotary wings that can be used as blades, pneumatic punches and kicks stronger that the impact of a bullet, and, above all else, fully-automatic arm-mounted cannons that launch metallic projectiles charged by Soul Energy itself.

Only dispatched in the direst of scenarios, the Walking Apocalypses are said to have been great military generals and war heroes. Their souls imbued into a crystal which the Apocalypses carry instead of a brain, their mindset is placed into a mechanised form, and the Walking Apocalypses are damned to live an existence in Lucifer's armoury til their time comes that they must be condemned to wander Inferis in search of a target.

The Walking Apocalypses are Inferis Hellguard's special forces. They are the greatest of the great and the most elite of the elite. They are unquestioningly loyal and though capable of speech, similar to a virtual intelligence, they are mechanised and only capable of following orders. Limited AI qualities have been implanted into circuitry which allows them to "learn" as other Demons would in a tactical sense, but to limit them from learning of the concept of free will.

Lucifer utilises them as assassins, as the forefront of his army, as his greatest defenders, and just generally as a corps he'll send in if he feels like shit getting blown up. With no concept of collateral damage, an arsenal, serious martial and marksmanship prowess and the ability to manipulate Soul Energy into concussive blasts utilising the cannons as conduits, typically, the preceding action to a single Walking Apocalypse's landing is a high-calibre strafing run of a group of insubordinate creatures or human insurgents.

Often dispatched on their own for their physical resilience, there have only been a handful of events which have required a corps of Walking Apocalypses as a disciplinary measure - as one is usually more than enough, especially in control of a cadre of local Demons (their authority, by default, grants them control over any Hell Princes-affiliated Demon forces) but they seem to love intervening directly or leading the way with a group as backup.

The only way to destroy a Walking Apocalypse is to crack open its cranial shield and completely obliterate its crystal brain. Doing so is rather difficult, however, as its head is set on a 360-degree swivel. Oft considered second only in power to the High Seraph, some Specialised Demons and Archdemons themselves, all Archdemons can control the Walking Apocalypse troops, but they're recommended not to unless it's absolutely necessary (in case of a Bastion Invasion, they cannot get there quick enough) - and all of them currently known to exist are stationed on the 660th floor of the Devil Spire. Maneuverable, accessible, nigh-on invulnerable, destructive, capable of flight...

The bottom line? One's enough. More than one? Duck and fucking cover.

Miscellaneous Notes: - All and any senior Demons and Archdemons must be permitted by Lucifer to utilise these. They're contingencies (read: get OOC permission from a staff member before utilising a Walking Apocalypse).
- It is not known if any Walking Apocalypse troops exist unaffiliated to the Hell Princes, but it is presumed not.
- The Walking Apocalypse speaks in an eerie, computerised monotone, tending to mock, vocally analyse, and taunt the enemy as part of its psychological warfare mechanisms.

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"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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