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#048 - Qilin

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#048 - Qilin Empty #048 - Qilin

Post by Lazarus Carter Sat May 04, 2013 10:09 pm


Name: Qilin
Aliases: Kirin, Unicorn, Ixion, Steed of Thor

Sphere: Forlorn Ashland (summer), Stygian Tundra (winter), Darkroot Domain (spring), Blightscape (autumn)
Tier: Elite (singular)


Abilities: Only one Qilin exists in all of Inferis, and it goes by many a name, but one thing is for sure. When it appears - if it does - it brings only luck to those whose lives it brushes, unless it brings down a great forked bolt of lightning on where it stands, which instead predates a great worldly event which will forever inextricably link and change the lives of many a person in the general proximity.

The Qilin, though mute, is sentient and a highly adept electrokinetic Demon. The air around it in a small radius crackles as a defensive barrier, an electromagnetic field which is strong enough to stop even bullets. If assaulted, it will simply ignore the attack and continue moving, the barrier typically enough to fend off any strikes and redirect them. Its only offensive potential comes out if the barrier can be fought through or transcended by a higher Demon, in which it will emit a great wave of electric energy around itself, rearing its legs and striking the ground, releasing huge amounts of power in a single blast, pushing back all and any around it, and simply continue walking as usual.

The lightning bolt it summons when it finally stops is one that is channeled directly through the Qilin's body will only serve as a grandiose light show, unable of damaging anyone or anything, and will never miss the Kirin's body. Revered in many cultures as a sign of good fortune, an appearance of the Qirin is very rare as it is constantly moving, typically over the large expanses or through the thick brush at such a speed that it is only seen as a tiny fleck, none of any party recognising its existence as such a mythological being.

In each season, the Qilin moves to a different sphere of Inferis, unimpeded by barriers.

Miscellaneous Notes: - Nigh-on invulnerable. Good omens for the remainder of life.
- Mute and pacifistic.
- Cannot kill, only disable.
- Changes colour depending upon its surroundings and the season;
-- Green body in Spring (Darkroot Domain)
-- Orange body in Summer (Forlorn Ashlands, shown above)
-- Blue body in Winter (Stygian Tundra)
-- Brown body in Autumn (Blightscape)
-- For a single day on every seasonal equinox, its body will be completely white (Intersphere traveling)

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