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Dante's Reptile Forms Empty Dante's Reptile Forms

Post by Dante Alencar Tue May 14, 2013 5:25 am


Dante's Reptile Forms 10left Dante's Reptile Forms 10centre Dante's Reptile Forms 10right
Fire in my soul will forever rise again.

- Jormungandr

- 1

- Kurdai


- Standing at around eight and a half feet tall, this white-scaled behemoth is Jormungandr. A simple basis for the future fusions between Demon and host, Jormungandr provides a perfect middleground between Kurdai and Dante, with a musclebound humanoid form, no clothing whatsoever, and a snake-like head. With a smooth and more intricately scaled underside, Jormungandr's outer hide is far tougher and thicker, difficult to pierce and far more defensible, with symmetrically ridged off-white scales running along its back.

Its talons are tapered on both slender, three-fingered hands (with one thumb) and feet, claws curved and perfect for slashing more tender flesh to ribbons.

- Simply enough, the Jormungandr form's abilities are as to be expected. Its slender build and superhuman athleticism gives it just that; incredible speed, above all else. It can dart around enemies with aplomb and dodge slower-moving attacks, whilst doling out its own dexterously and fast, but what it makes up for in this department it lacks in another. As can be divined from its appearance, the Jormungandr form's more slender visage is one that gives way to a minimalist bone structure. It is not in the slightest defensible against blunt force trauma. Whilst the hide at the back will protect against piercing and stabbing attacks, and most sharp assaults, being thrown, falling, clubbed, bludgeoned, or beaten in any way will quickly yield effective results.

The Jormungandr form possesses the following abilities:

[ NATURAL PROPULSION ] - Due to its incredibly light weight in comparison to most demons and even humans, the Jormungandr form can with relative ease propel itself towards targets with breakneck speed, and also has an adept jumping ability.
[ SNAKE EYES ] - Able to see unimpeded in the dark and with ease due to its reptilian blood, the Jormungandr form is not halted by darkness or absence of light. Even in total obfuscation it will be able to have some sensory ability. However, at the same time, blinding lights (for instance a flashbang grenade or something similar) will debilitate it for a good few moments, and stun it highly effectively. DRINK POWERTHIRST. DON'T GAMBLE ON YOUR ENERGY. SNAAAAKE EEEEYES.
[ SCALE ARMOUR ] - The Jormungandr form can easily deflect sharp objects at its hide, and whilst blunt force trauma is something of a weakness, it possesses a hide which will nullify all magical effect of projectile-based attacks from creatures at equal level than it, though the concussive impact will still deal some damage. This will do nothing towards attacks from higher level assailants, but lower level attackers will deal nothing at all, including the concussive impact.
[ AGILE CLIMBER ] - Highly dexterous and insanely agile, the Jormungandr can clamber swiftly up craggy walls and along surfaces that would otherwise take time to scale and for its human origin probably be completely impossible. It can also, with ease, perch itself upon precarious ledges or positions for overwatch or ambush.
[ CORROSIVE SALIVA ] - Jormungandr's sputum is corrosive, and the force at which small globules (around the size of a baseball) can be expelled from glands in its mouth is deadly. These globs will burn through most soft substances until they finally themselves dissipate, which will take around thirty seconds. With the right protective gear it can be rendered useless, but do not allow yourself to become a victim of a direct hit. It can only fire three in succession before it has to gather more spit, which will take it around five to ten minutes.
[ FORKTAIL SUMMON ] - At its behest, the Jormungandr can summon up to three Forktail Demons to its side. The full three will take a lot of energy out of the amalgamated Demon-human hybrid form, whilst one it will be able to do with relative ease. For when the Jormungandr cannot be bothered to deal with a threat itself, or feels it requires a distraction to recouperate. The Forktail Demons that the Jormungandr form can summon are far more intelligent than the regular variants, and will work together with pack logic not dissimilar from a group of allied wolves.
Dante Alencar
Dante Alencar

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Dante's Reptile Forms Empty Re: Dante's Reptile Forms

Post by Lazarus Carter Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:13 am



"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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Dante's Reptile Forms Empty Re: Dante's Reptile Forms

Post by Alice the Chopper Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:01 am


And now to bring you to life...


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Alice the Chopper

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Dante's Reptile Forms Empty Re: Dante's Reptile Forms

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