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Mr White And i aint even kidding!

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Mr White And i aint even kidding! Empty Mr White And i aint even kidding!

Post by Mr. White Sat May 25, 2013 4:15 am


Mr White And i aint even kidding! Wwkms6 Mr White And i aint even kidding! Wwkms6Mr White And i aint even kidding! Wwkms6
”I thought we where playing bad cop good cop... We cant  BOTH be bad cop! Now we have to do a game of bad cop WORSE cop. I got dibs on worse cop! ”


Aliases: True names unknown but the individual known as Mr. White has many Aliases

Mr. White, Agent Mulder(Or Scully), Mr/Agent Bob, Mr/Agent. House, Mr/Agent Judge, Mr/Agent Winchester... First name Sam, Mr/Agent Pepsi, Mr/Agent Yakko, Mr/Agent Chevy, Mr/Agent Pink, Mr/Agent Spock

His League of Legends Summoner name is: Gigga Nigga Yolo Swag

Mr. White is quoted as saying "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on you commie loving dick" in response to this question.

Women who have slept with Mr. White have not been able to tell us if he is in fact a he. Though they all say the same thing "You just have to see it..." when asked if he is male.

Unknown... Maybe some sort of Eastern European?

Claims to be born on the Star Ship Enterprise. This can be nether confirmed nor denied at this time.

Stardate  86088.58 but this yet again can be nether confirmed nor denied though this would put his age at -400 years or more





Suave, elegant, refined, wild, unsavory, terrifying, unassuming, bland and unkempt. These words and more have all be used to describe White. But whats the truth of the matter? You are probably thinking that he cant be ALL these things AND more! Well you would be dead wrong! The individual known as Mr. White has more sides, more looks then a enneadecagon. But what IS he under neath all those masks he is at times forced to wear? Simply put, he is a forty something year old man of eastern European decent that stands at a rather average five foot eleven.

His natural hair color is a soft chocolaty brown, wavy when it gets to about ear length though it is often times longer then this and pulled into a short tail at the nape of his neck. His natural voice is rather soft and almost sweet like that of a trained and talented singer. His skin, when not dyed to match a population or ethnic group, has a slight bronze cast to it showing some sort of middle eastern ancestry.

His clothing like everything else about him varies from day to day, mission to mission, and mood to mood. Its not odd to see him change cloths three or four times a day for no better reason then he felt out of place or that he didn't stick out enough. As for colors he favors those that are cool and/or neutral in nature though this does not mean he wears those to the exclusion of all else.

His body is crisscrossed with scars, though for the most part those are all hidden by the clothing he chooses to wear on a day to day basis. Only those on his hands and arms ever show with any regularity, and those he often passes off as cooking and other house hold choir related mishaps.  

At any given time, on any given day Mr. White can be any number of different people. From an overly cautious clerk at a Gas-N-Go! To a cheerful if realistic fight attendant, or maybe a he's a soldier thats just seen too much in his  life. The long and the short of it though is that Mr. White takes on parts as if hes an actor in the grandest of plays. He takes to them like a fish to water, and no matter who or what he may be playing he does it to perfection, as if he was literally born to the role he assumed.

But behind all of the masks he puts on, behind the lies that he lives and deep at the center of his being some things hold true. For one he is not what you could describe as a good person. He's not above stealing, hes not above murder, hell hes not above anything so long as it leads to the farthing of his goals. In fact he seems to relish in the fact that his job requires him to get down and dirty with the filth that is humanity. So in the end you might describe him as a truly evil man even if he does have noble intent. He holds no qualms nor illusions about this and the fact that he is going to hell.

After all that's where all the liars, cheats, and criminals go right? Well White is all these things and more. Hes a sadist of the worst kind, relishing the pain of others to such an extent that he often go's out of his way to cause it. It gets him hard, it gets him off and most of all it helps him sleep. His dreams are filled with scenes that even the most gruesome gore movies would never even consider showing. In the end it boils down to this: He enjoys causing pain and suffering, he loves hearing the screams of people twisting and writhing in agony.

But what truly makes him something to be feared is that these things NEVER show. All this and still darker things hide behind a facade based entirely on lies. Lies that even he has come believe. After all White could be considered the patron saint of self deception. Hell, its gotten to the point that White doesn't really know him self in any meaningful way, and at times he just sort of... Snaps and all of his repressed wants, needs and emotions come flooding to the forefront of his mind and he just can't help but act on them.

White, if anything has become more violent then he had been before, as well as harder for the Templar order to control. In fact the amount of collateral damage he causes seems to indicate a perverse pleasure in causing pain and suffering. But whats more its getting more obvious to those around him. But as of yet, his abilities as well as his dedication to the cause make him an invaluable asset... And so long as his destructive genius is put to use and directed against the enemies of the order... Its not that big a deal.

The annals of history and tabloid stands are filled with shadowy characters. Some are nothing more then rummer, some of legend, and still more are just conspiracy theories. But every once in a great while one of those shadowy characters turns out to be something far to real. This is the case with the individual currently known as Mr. White, or so it appears though he has gone by more names then most people have teeth. But even with the lack of a solid named for him, one thing links all the sightings together and that would be blood, blood and yet more blood. In fact it wouldn't be to far from the truth to say that gallons of the stuff just seems to fallow him where ever he happens to go.

Other then that one basic fact his history is shrouded in so much mystery that even he(If he is truly male)may no longer know it. But if sources prove true(Which they often don't) then it can be said that he was born in Bosnia though on what year still remains unclear though it was more then likely sometime in the 70's. Of course there has been sightings of a man who looks remarkably similar to White... This is of course just pure coincidence.

To date White and his partner Black have been known agents for various espionage agency's, terrorist organizations and  have various aliases that are wanted throughout the world for any number of different crimes ranging from loitering and multiple homicide to far more heinous crimes such as puppy molestation in Uganda and death via torture in many South American nations. All this aside, all the crimes the has committed have been in the pursuit of greater goals, though what those goals happen to be changes with whom he is currently working for.

At the current date White is employed by another shadow organization for the sheer fact that he and his partner get what ever job they are assigned done no if ands or buts about it. He works as the personal assassin, thief and all around scoundrel for the Templar order. Doing all the work that most others would find more then a little unsavory so that others may keep their hands clean of the tasks needed to ride the world of the demon menace that threatens they very world.

Blowing shit up in London is something that White takes great pleasure in, and the fact that said explosions lead to the death of a ritualist cell is just an added benefit. But what made that first operation in Europe something to remember was the person he let get away.  After all, White was a man who just loved chasing women and if said woman happened to be some sort of super spy, well so much the better. It all added to the thrill of the chase.  But as happy as White was for the addition of a new obsession, he has gained a new found dislike for the incompetence and unwillingness to do their job effectively. Namely, he has found that working with Vanessa to be something of a choir since she failed to do her job effectively while in the Necropolis.


- Proficient in all modern forms of martial arts... Aside from Judo, thats for bitches.  
- Torture enthusiast
- Has mastered the use and creation of the pipe bomb and its various counter parts courtesy of the IRA.
- Has an uncanny ability to tell when people are being "Nigga ass, bitch ass hoes."
- Is a master of disguise
- Great acting skills
- Mastery of many languages
- Charming and suave at a drop of a hat
- Trained in all modern military and paramilitary tactics
- Trained with insurgent groups in the middle east and else where
- Highly trained with various forms of fire arms and top rated marksman
- Can 360 noscope
- Perfect liar
- Has mastered the perfect strangler stance
- Computers, they're sort of his thing
- Pop culture, he knows that shit
- Works in perfect tandem with Mr. Black
- Mastered the double pimp slap
- Can and often does mimic others voices. Incredible vocal range.
- Has a near perfect memory, though this is more often then not put to use in trivial ways
- Seems to have a good working understanding of psychology

- Habitual and compulsive pathological  liar
- Bees. Hes not allergic to them, they just creep the fuck out of.
- Alcohol, he just cant get enough... Sadly he cant really hold his liquor
- Believes his own lies.
- Manta Rays
- Delusional
- Sexy girls
- Rather sadistic
- Is sometimes extremely passive for no reason
- Is sometimes extremely vulgar for no reason
- Is sometimes extremely violent for no reason

Speaks perfect English(olive), Mandarin Chinese(Jade) , Arabic(Red) Russian(Iceblue) Bosnian(Violet) and can understand Demonic.


- Never skips tea time. "Thats when god takes his break every day ya see?"
- Never eats brunch. "Dats the devils meal! Only heritics and satinists eat it!"
- Former member of the FBI
- Current 00 agent of MI6
- Still employed by the IRS
- Former member of the KGB
- Have a wide range of military, civil, underworld and common man contacts throughout the world
- Have as Black likes to put it "Gazillions of dah monies" which translates to having substantial personal fortunes.
- Mr. White and  Mr. Black have only worked against each other once... They are still making up for the first Gulf  war.
- Shot *REDACTED* at *REDACTED* which resulted in *REDACTED*
- Is the law man known as Whyte Erp, Allegedly.
- Is quoted saying "I once impregnated all the bitches in Europe" though this is more then likely false, he does have 53.5 confirmed children, allegedly.  
- Joined the North Korean army to and I quote: "Learn how to drive the pain train! CHOOCHOO!"
- The children pay him parent support, Allegedly.
- Claim to to have invented time travel
- Claimed(Along with Mr. Black) to be the last Time Lords
- Favorite Food *REDACTED*
- Favorite music *REDACTED*
- Favorite color a nice creamy beige
- Favorite type of woman *REDACTED*
- Favorite drink *REDACTED*
- Instigated WW3
- Prevented WW3 that same day
- Still Looking for Dot
- He doesn't talk about Rio.
- Went through a period when he thought he was a straight man in a gay mans body.
- Have been confirmed members of some/all of these terrorist organizations
- Claims to be the second shooter on the grassy knoll
- Is the best at what he does.
- No ones really sure what he actually does.
- Is the real Slime Shady, Allegedly.
- Is quoted as saying "White guys don't jump they hover." before activating his hover boots and floating away, allegedly.
- Is racist
- Hates racists
- Views racists as a race
- Kidnapped the Pope in 1996
- Took his place for a week before getting bored
- Is the one true king of England, allegedly
- Brought porn to the internet, regrets nothing
- May or may not be a half vampire half werewolf crossbreed
- Loves giant hats
- Loves pandas: "Their like the mutant love children of my self and Black!"
- Can hear a person heart beat from twenty feet away, allegedly
- Can smell fear, allegedly
- Once killed a moose with his bear hands
- Owns bear hands
- Killed the bear with his bare hands
- Hasn't slept since the Golf War
- Fights the Nazis
- White and Black have a combined kill count higher than every other Templar combined.
- Was once a teenage girl in a death machines body, allegedly
- Is a Sith Lord
- Can use Force Lightning, allegedly
- Taught the Devil how to lie, allegedly
- Was Buddha in a former life
- His spirit animal is the "Drop Bear"
- Hates the number 7
- Quote: " I once killed a demon with a toothbrush... Wanna see how?"
- Knows where Elvis is
- Thinks Stalin was a "Really swell dude."
- Protects 12 crystal skulls: "Fucking aliens always tryin to invade!"
- Once decapitated a man with his double pimp slap
- Once fucked a blue alien babe, allegedly
- If found of saying "You wanna know how I got these scars?"
- Never tells the same story twice as far as his scars are concerned
- Has memorized every line of dialogue form Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager
- Is in the process of memorizing the dialogue from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Original Series
- Was once a Pussy Cat Doll, Allegedly
- Is a founding member of the Backstreet boys
- Has complete case files on all current and former members of the Templar Order    




Gaius, Jean, Legion

Since stardate.... who gives a fuck?

[b]Tiger & Bunny[/b] :: [b]Kaburagi T. Kotetsu[/b]

They call me Mr. *REDACTED* The Boogeyman

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Mr. White
Mr. White

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Mr White And i aint even kidding! Empty Re: Mr White And i aint even kidding!

Post by Alice the Chopper Thu May 30, 2013 3:48 am


Has an uncanny ability to tell when people are being "Nigga ass, bitch ass hoes."

Perhaps the best skill on the site. Good read.

Alice the Chopper
Alice the Chopper

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Mr White And i aint even kidding! Empty Re: Mr White And i aint even kidding!

Post by Mr. White Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:13 am

Mr. White
Mr. White

Posts : 37
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Mr White And i aint even kidding! Empty Re: Mr White And i aint even kidding!

Post by Gaius Octavian Skipio Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:48 am

Gaius Octavian Skipio
Gaius Octavian Skipio

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Mr White And i aint even kidding! Empty Re: Mr White And i aint even kidding!

Post by Cael Gladius Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:51 pm

Cael Gladius
Cael Gladius

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Mr White And i aint even kidding! Empty Re: Mr White And i aint even kidding!

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