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Post by Edward Teach Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:36 pm


Edward Teach 30afl0lEdward Teach Rw57apEdward Teach 30i7tbq
And really bad eggs.


Edward Teach

Blackbeard, Edward Thatch, Devil of the Seven Seas, Captain of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Pirate Whom All Pirates Fear, The Devil’s Brother, The Black Corsair

332 years old; died sometime in his late thirties.


The Black Sea.





Blackbeard earned most of his sinister reputation as a pirate through his great size and his naturally intimidating facial features. There wasn’t a single man among his crew that never doubted he was a brother to the Devil himself, and rightfully so, for he made full use of his scary visage and many other tricks to maintain their respect and instill fear into the hearts of civilians everywhere. Unusually large for a man of his time period, Teach towers over the smaller demons at six feet and five inches and weighs in at an intimidating two-hundred and thirty pounds of fat and musculature. What little skin he shows off underneath all of the clothes he wears indicates a pale complexion, indicative of an almost-exclusively nocturnal activity cycle. Teach earned his infamous cognomen by deliberately cultivating his facial hair into a great beard that covered his whole face, merged with his messy hair, and was as black as coal, braiding it into tiny tails with ribbons and beads in order to create the distinctive pirate look he is believed to have popularized.

Most of the apparel he wears builds on such a look, as well. Blackbeard wears an apple red bandana atop his head, kept neatly tucked beneath a dark brown, wide-brimmed hat that he never adventures without. Its tailoring is closer to that of a cavalier hat instead of the tricornes that were often associated with the pirate stereotype, given gold trimmings and further decorated with extravagant, gray feather plumes that flow with the wind as if they were made of smoke. Blackbeard typically wears a white, frilled poet blouse—a common pirate garment—underneath a long, belted waistcoat in dirty brown tones, keeping his shirt stuffed inside a pair of brown linen trousers, which in themselves are inserted into his rugged, leather sea boots of Georgian design, the uppers folded over at the knees to further exaggerate his pirate ensemble. A black overcoat, styled to take on a more European flair with its folded cuffs and the silver accents embroidered into its fabric completes the whole ensemble, fitted perfectly against his large frame and finalized with a great red sash tied around his waist.

The mighty pirate intentionally sculpted his own image into one that could sow the seeds of fear into the minds of the weak, and sees himself as demonic enough, despite having been a resident of Inferis for well over three-hundred years. Blackbeard defiantly eschews the use of a Mortal Form and frankly believes he doesn’t need one. He feels that hiding behind a false mask would be considered a form of cowardice.

Edward Teach, more infamously recognized by his moniker “Blackbeard”, may not have wrote the book on piracy, but he undoubtedly holds the honor of being one of the greatest and most notorious marauders to have ever roamed the seas, even if he wasn’t the most financially successful of the lot. Scores of rumors and legends surround the great and terrible exploits of a man who could strike pure terror into the hearts of any and all that even dared whisper his name, whose soul was so steeped in darkness, that he may as well have been the Devil’s brother himself, expectorated from the blackest bowels of Hell. A master of self-promotion and fear mongering, Blackbeard often perpetuated his own deeds and expected his crew to do the same with all they encountered, to ensure that his terrifying image and reputation would never be forgotten.

Respect was a form of currency in itself during the Golden Age of Piracy and still is to an extent, and not only was it a challenge to earn, it was even harder to keep it. Knowing this, Teach painstakingly trained himself to embrace the pirate lifestyle and demeanor so that he may exploit it for his own ends. Blackbeard’s voice is powerful and carries with it an overwhelming amount of charisma that can either make a man fear him or respect him, speaking with an uncultured sounding British dialect peppered with the pirate slurs and slang of the era. Many of his mannerisms, from the way he walks to his eating and drinking habits, do nothing except contribute to outsiders’ perceptions of him as being aloof and cruel, which only spreads his image and external character further.

Much like the seas they devoted their lives to navigating and plundering, pirates are an eclectic and fickle lot, and Teach is no exception to this unwritten rule. His temperament and opinions are quick to shift for better or worse depending on the circumstances at present; he’s more likely to interact with those that pique his curiosity than to trifle with those that nip at his heels like dogs, begging for scraps of attention. Untold are the number of fools that threatened to instigate a mutiny under his sails, only for the captain to have complimented their unusual courage, then had them flogged and tortured for their reckless yet admirable hunger for power. If a person is interesting enough to capture his attentions, he will cordially go out of his way to grace them with his presence and show his hospitality, an attribute unheard of with most pirates. Make no mistake, however, that an audience with Blackbeard does not signify that he wishes to be friends with you. If the prospects of glory and fortune are at stake, Edward Teach will be just as willing to stab you in the back as much as he would be to shake your hand.

Further contradicting his fabled deeds of sadism and brutality is his modus operandi. Unlike the tales and reports that depict him as an irredeemable savage and a bloodthirsty scoundrel, Teach is actually quite perceptive and intelligent for a man that champions such an uncultured lifestyle. Shrewd and calculating, the good captain is capable of formulating highly complex and elaborate strategies that can make the minds of lesser men practically spin in circles. He understands the fragility of the human mind and its reliance on logic and rationality, and knows that one is quick to fear what they cannot comprehend or understand. That being said, he strongly advocated the use of scare tactics and intimidation, and consistently puts his menacing appearance and other factors to use in order to illicit the reactions he desired from his victims. He confidently asserts that as long as a person is scared for their life, they are easy to manipulate and take advantage of, thus are more willing to do whatever it is that’s being demanded of them.

But even the dreaded pirate has a bit of a merciful side to his dark, unforgiving nature. Keeping with his self-publicizing tendencies, he is generous enough to spare the lives of those that comply with his stipulations, willingly or otherwise, positive that they will spread the message as to who robbed them of their valuables. Of course, being a pirate with virtually little concern for anything other than himself, Blackbeard usually expresses his “benevolence” for life by either tossing them overboard near the shoreline of their newly ransacked port town, or marooning them on a nearby sandbar, their ship purposely run aground, and leaving them with a bare minimum amount of supplies. Those that are either too slow or too stubborn to obey his demands are merely disposed of without a second thought, which gives the pirate an added edge when it comes to negotiating the terms of a ransom. Teach spurns the use of wanton violence unless the circumstances deem it absolutely necessary, as there exists a high probability that any collateral damage caused by him and his crew will destroy valuables and useful materials.


book i – early life:

book ii – the rise of blackbeard:

book iii – the charles town blockade:

book iv – royal pardon:

book v – final stand:



– [ Expert Swordsman ] Blackbeard was remarkably adept when brandishing a sword, and could easily wield two such weapons as if they were extensions of his own arms, allowing him to easily fight off multiple opponents under appropriate conditions.

– [ Impressive Marksmanship ] The dreaded pirate was also a skilled shot with a pistol, and can boast of his experience with a rifle as well due to the time he spent fighting in the Queen Anne’s War. He prefers using his flintlocks over any other weapon, and would much rather pick off his opposition at a distance.

– [ Supreme Endurance ] Blackbeard suffered a total of five gunshot wounds and over twenty sword cuts before he was finally decapitated during his battle at Ocracoke Island. Although he attributes this feat to Leviathan’s influence, constant exposure to Soul Energy has led him to develop superhuman levels of physical fortitude and stamina, allowing him to survive even the deadliest of injuries with relative ease.

– [ Intimidation ] Ultimately his greatest skill, Teach was a master of instilling fear into lesser minds. His facial features  and glare are naturally menacing in their own right, but by deliberately dressing the part of a demon, combined with the use of lit fuses tucked underneath his hat and inside his beard and the black smoke they generated, his arrival can immediately usher total silence around him in a matter of seconds.

– [ Charismatic ] Blackbeard knows how valuable respect was in his time, and will utilize every trick in the book to ensure that he keeps it by the end of the day. His voice alone holds enough influence to snatch up the attention of any who are less powerful than he is; depending on the circumstances, he can either bolster his men with courage, or strike terror into the hearts of the weak.

– [ Nautical Genius ] Although he was a pirate for two years, Blackbeard had always been a man who was born to travel the seas. His sense of direction is outstanding, and will rarely if ever get lost or make mistakes when piloting a ship. His numerous experiences have also granted him the ability to predict incoming weather conditions with startling accuracy.

– [ Soulbound ] Upon being sent to Inferis, the terms of Blackbeard’s short-lived pact with Leviathan resulted in his soul being permanently bound to her realm. As his punishment, he cannot leave the Black Sea, under any circumstances. Attempting to do so will cause his body to dry up until it crumbles into ash, killing him instantly. He is currently looking for a means to bypass this flaw.

– [ Romantic ] Though he comes off as being cold and heartless on a natural basis, Captain Teach does have a bit of a soft spot for women that happen to catch his eye. He treats these select few ladies with compassion and respect, and when he’s especially head over heels for them, he behaves very much like a certain, amorous skunk would. Hearing a marriage proposal from him is relatively common.

– [ Obstinate ] Teach’s boldness and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds, powerful as it is, stems from an ever-burning compulsion to prove himself as the best of the best. He views any potential opponent as a test of his mettle, and when faced with a truly worthy adversary, will go to great lengths to crush them beneath the heel of his boot. Blackbeard never ran from a battle in life, and neither will he run from one in the afterlife.

– [ Avaricious ] Hardly to be expected, Blackbeard is a thief to the very core. At one point, he merely stole to supplement his ship and crew, but his resurrection into a full-fledged demon has compounded his pirating tendencies to the point where it effectively turned him into a pathological kleptomaniac. When it strikes his fancy, he will attempt to rob anyone of their valuables alongside their supplies, regardless of whether or not doing so will actually benefit him.

– [ Decapitation ] Like most demons that roam Inferis, Blackbeard is not exempt from the consequences of having his head chopped off by a capable force. Having suffered the same, terrible fate at the end of his mortal life, it is the only means by which the mighty pirate can be permanently killed, notwithstanding the ramifications of any attempts to leave the Black Sea.

Captain Teach never received a complete formal education in his youth, but his natural astuteness has allowed him to pick up a couple of languages during his adventures at sea. He fluently speaks Crude English (deepskyblue) and Spanish (fern), and can partially understand French (khaki), but cannot speak it himself. His demonic rebirth bestowed unto him innate knowledge of how to speak Infernal (carnelian).

– Blackbeard has married over fourteen women throughout the course of his life. Needless to say, none of them lasted very long.
– Excessive drinker, and holds a special liking for Madeira wine and black spiced rum. Because of the staggering frequency with which he imbibes alcohol, Teach is always open to participating in drinking contests.
– Incidentally, there has yet to be a single person, human or demon, to outlast the pirate in such a contest.
– His body perpetually exudes a mantle of thick, black smoke wherever he goes. The effect is primarily aesthetic, and has no other function aside from wrapping him in an atmosphere of supernatural mystery.
– Once cut off a man’s hand because he was too slow to fork over his rings. Still practices this every so often.
– Having been out of touch with humanity for over three-hundred years, Blackbeard has shown a genuine interest in modern day technology. Weaponry, in particular, will grab his attention in a snap; he’s always on the lookout for new toys to play with.
– In confirmation to the legend associated with Teach’s death, his body did actually swim around the Jane three times before sinking. It was all Leviathan’s doing, however; she thought his corpse would be fun to play with after being stripped of its ability to think it was master of the seas.
– In order for a person to summon Blackbeard to the mortal coil, they must gather three items before conducting the ritual: a bottle of Kraken black spiced rum, a twenty-four karat gold ring no cheaper than $500, and a gallon of water that’s been left to stagnate for over six months.
– Uncommon for many pirates of his age, Teach prefers to keep his iconic beard in decent-looking condition. He will painstakingly spend hours in front of a mirror, weaving each and every last bead and ribbon into his braids.



Marcus, or Vlad.

Vlad III Drăcula Țepeș, Adelaide Kingsford

4 years.


Edward Teach
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Post by Alice the Chopper Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:42 pm


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