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Lazarus' Sonic Gear Empty Lazarus' Sonic Gear

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:51 am

- The Nomads (Vulcan and Mars)
- Echo Trigger
- Sonic Boom

- The Devil Saw
- Iron Maiden
- Reverb Barrier

- 3

- Equipment
- Skill
- Skill

- Equipment
- Equipment
- Skill

- Handguns (pair)
- Audiokinetic Amplification
- Audiokinetic/Vibrokinetic Amplification

- Shotgun
- Vehicle
- Audiokinetic/Vibrokinetic Amplification

The Nomads:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear Vulcan___main_by_peterku-d4ore24
Nomad Rounds:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear Bullet_by_graphisutra-d31dnhb
Echo Trigger Sigil:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear 29l02uw
Echo Trigger:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear Yuki_Code
Note that it's very tiring to use Echo Trigger in this rapid sort of succession, and Lazarus' blasts are nowhere near as powerful, but this should give you a rough idea of how he uses the ability.
Sonic Boom Sigil:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear B5mucg
Sonic Boom:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear Ground_Pound
More or less accurate, except Lazarus stomps instead of punching the ground.
The Devil Saw:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear Fvwz7d
Iron Maiden:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear 11t4eic
Reverb Barrier Sigil:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear 33kbzaq
Reverb Barrier:
Lazarus' Sonic Gear 2a94l03

- The NOtorious MArtial Defense handguns, abbreviated as N.O.M.A.D.s, or referred to colloquially as "the Nomads" are a pair of semi-automatic, low-recoil, high capacity handguns. Designed for use mid-movement, they're fitted with 23-round extended magazines (plus one in the chamber) and are chambered in 11mm high-penetration rounds with brass jackets and copper tips. Lazarus carries two cross-bandoliers completely chock-full of spare clips so he's never out, and can manifest more seemingly at will. The Nomads themselves possess several modifications, such as integrated recoil compensators and a three-pronged green targeting laser which serves to guide the bullets using a small internal targeting module, aligning the round within the wide firing chamber so it'll be released with exactly the right speed and at exactly the right angle to give it optimal chance of striking. In stark contrast to most Demon Hunters' Evocations, the Nomads are fairly realistic, possessing advanced tech, but no wickedly morphed appearance, instead appearing sleek and streamlined.

Lazarus carries four separate types of rounds for the Nomads; full-metal jacket rounds, his usual ones, which provide his bullets with expert levels of penetration against lightly-armoured targets, hollow-point rounds, which are often utilised against unarmoured targets, and are far more damaging against flesh and soft materials, overpressure rounds which has a higher internal pressure and as such is far more damaging in a defensive context, and, his most rare, less-lethal rounds, usually used against humans, which are simple rubber-tipped non-lethal bullets.

Lazarus doesn't carry the Nomads such as simply evoke them - and their rounds - usually by simultaneously clicking both his fingers. The twin pistols are identical, but the pistol that appears in his right hand is typically designated Vulcan, and the pistol that appears in his left is typically designated Mars.

- The sigil for Echo Trigger (see above) appears in black on the back of both of Lazarus' hands.

The Echo Trigger is a staple of Lazarus' audiokinesis. First and foremost it thrives on one principle: audio amplification. Without a source of ample sound, Echo Trigger cannot be used. In silence, or against a Demon who utilises and manipulates silence, it is utterly useless. That said, sound - especially with Lazarus - is often in ample supply, so it's only in a few situations in which the Echo Trigger cannot be use. Bottom line: Echo Trigger requires a sound source.

Lazarus undergoes visual-auditory synaesthesia on a minor and specialised level whilst in Inferis. This means that large sources of sound produce large and vibrant colours, and that extremely loud noises (far louder than a gunshot) can momentarily blind him. However, the Nomads have been specialised in their construction to not blind the teen upon firing, however, as is evident, they do produce large bursts of bright colour for but a split-second when fired.

Echo Trigger allows Lazarus to manipulate that. This bright colour, using the Echo Trigger, is actually a representation of sonic energy - and all Echo Trigger allows Lazarus to do is take this sonic energy, and manipulate it, converting it instead into a great ball of volatile and explosive soul energy, all the while retaining the sound and colour of the original source. So, as an example: Lazarus can fire his pistol, and moments later, cause the sonic energy usually dissipated to form into a great explosive ball, channeling it towards an enemy and causing it to explode.

Echo Trigger should, by this logic, allow Lazarus to utilise this from any audio source that's loud enough, however, thus far, the ability is far too volatile to be of effective use with anything he cannot control - if he were to utilise the ability on an enemy's gunshot, it would require much more concentration and timing. However, at later levels, this is something that Lazarus hopes to improve on. For the moment, hte only sources he uses are the Nomads and his voice, obviously not able to use the latter in ample amounts without hurting his throat, but it tends to be easier to direct.

Echo Trigger produces bursts of soul energy which are volatile and explosive, typically detonating on contact, but not massively - a higher-level adversary will be able to shrug off the explosion with relative ease, but it will deal damage to those at the same level or lower than Lazarus.

- The sigil for Sonic Boom - see above - appears on the bottom of Lazarus' boot when he uses the ability.

The snake is a wonderful animal. Like many others, it possesses a gland in its throat which allows it to sense vibrations in the ground beneath it, usually cluing it in to the approach of animals, be they predator or prey. Considering this logic, Lazarus' third evocation is one that utilises the principle of vibratory audiokinesis - once more amplification. However, unlike the Echo Trigger, it is completely detached from his pistols, and simply focuses more on the amplifying aspect of the power.

Simply enough, Lazarus slams his foot against the ground, and in that split-second, a sigil appears on the base of it. When the shoe makes contact, the sigil connects the terrain to the teen's body, establishing the circuit in which all of this amplification energy is released, amplifying the minute soundwaves channelled through the ground in the form of vibrations, and causing them to move forwards en masse with terrifying power. A great shockwave of energy furrows through the ground and knocks back all but the hardiest in front of Lazarus' stomp, in a cone of effect which usually reaches in a diagonal ninety-degree radius in front of him.

This usually causes the terrain to shift and rumble, and dirt or silt to spit up form within. The attack is less damaging and more used for crowd control, typically just spitting Demons out left and right to clear a path, or to leave them vulnerable for follow-up attacks. Heavy adversaries (say those over 300lbs) will be able to resist this by concentrating, though it may require effort, and anything over 500lbs will be utterly unfazed by the whole thing, in spite of the amount of force employed. Typically, adversaries of levels above Lazarus will be able to resist it easily enough, too.

- The Devil Saw is a sawn-off, short-barreled, pump-action pistol grip shotgun. As opposed to the high rate-of-fire semi-automatic Nomads, the Devil Saw is ideally designed to, whilst fire much slower, deal out much more damage and be used for crowd control en masse. It has a much higher rate of recoil and much lower rate of fire, but fires versatile ammunition and can easily put a stop to most higher-level Demons with the sheer force behind each trigger pull. The Devil Saw carries seven twelve-gauge rounds in a full tubular magazine, alongside a single round in the chamber.

Similar to the Nomads, Lazarus carries rounds for the Devil Saw in a bandolier; however, this one hangs around his waist. Again, much like his pistols, he can seemingly conjure it at will, and dispose of it, and can apparently summon more ammunition when he requires to from thin air, but reloading remains a constraint. Alongside this, he carries numerous types of ammo; the typical twelve-gauge 00 buckshot, with its formidable spread, solid full-metal slug rounds, less-lethal bean bag rounds for subduing humans, and, his personal favourite - though seemingly in lesser supply, never able to conjure more than two or three rounds at once - explosive flechette slugs, which burst into small dart-like explosive flechettes intelligently prior to impact.

Whilst the Devil Saw possesses no modifications such as the Nomads' recoil compensators and optional targeting lasers, it does keep in common with the theme of Lazarus' pragmatic and sleek weaponry, with no extremely high-tech additional parts, yet no demonic-style morph in appearance.

- True to its name, the Iron Maiden is a vehicle which Laz affectionately refers to as a "she", and often "the old girl". Taking on the appearance of a two-man old Ford Roadster modified heavily into a hot rod, the sheer versatility of this particular Evocation is unparalleled by the rest. Possessing a red sheen and an open-top canopy not dissimilar from a convertible, the car itself is arguably a beautiful work of art which, much to the redhead's joy, can be regenerated - much like his equipment - as good as new, and seemingly runs on atmospheric soul energy in the surroundings, meaning that it is essentially in possession of a bottomless fuel tank.

Whilst able to seat two people maximum - driver included - this low capacity is traded off for the fact that the car itself can reach formidable speeds of up to 100 mph with ease, performing the trial-by-fire 0-60 seconds in an astonishing 3.4 seconds, with a rate of acceleration which rivals modern-day sports cars. Beyond this, the increase in speed lowers somewhat, before maxing out around 180 mph. The car's body itself is fashioned from a tempered material that, upon close analysis, is shown to be similar to a titanium alloy with traits of carbon fibre, being light, flexible, streamlined, but highly durable. The car's body itself is immune to most small arms fire and Demonic equivalents, but larger projectiles, heavier strikes, and explosions will do more damage.

The tyres, suspension, and gearbox, additionally, are reinforced, meaning that they can handle the rough terrain of Inferis, though the actual rubber itself is not resistant to penetration, meaning that any Demon with a smart idea and ranged capabilities - or a lot of balls - can perforate the tyres with a single strike, which at higher speeds can be potentially devastating. The small glass windscreen at the front is bullet-resistant, though the main structural problem is in the actual shape of the body, in that it provides no real defense against most assaults because it only covers half of the passengers' bodies.

The grille at the front can be used in a manner not dissimilar from the grilles on the front of old steam trains, for charging stray Demons and turning them into roadkill fairly promptly, or dealing some damage; in spite of its light weight, the force and speed that the Iron Maiden can pack oft prove devastating to lesser Demons who find themselves on the wrong end of the car at high speeds. Finally of note is Lazarus' skill with the car; which, Augmented by his being in Inferis, as with his weaponry, is natural, and will in time become beyond that as he will deftly come to grasp the innate mechanisms of the vehicle and begin to possess skills rivaling experienced professional drivers.

- Reverb Barrier is the first and only defensive skill Lazarus possesses in his arsenal. The principle behind it is very simple; an example of how it functions is to place flour or rice on the skin or mesh atop a speaker, and then play music for it. The particulates actually begin to move outwards during moments of particularly high frequency and volume. The sigil for this skill becomes etched in an ink-like tattoo upon the redhead's upper back, stretching between his shoulders, and disappearing when it isn't used.

The barrier skill utilises this principle and exerts a subsonic, high-pitched frequency at such a height that it's inaudible to humans - and indeed all but the most perceptive of Demons - which would otherwise simply serve no purpose other than affecting their sensory abilities. However, further and intense amplification of this frequency through Lazarus' ever-growing audiokinesis and vibrokinesis allow him to project this frequency at his very core at such a volume that it takes on the properties of an outward, defensive, kinetic barrier, able to deflect attacks. The barrier's dimensions are around two inches outward from his skin, and surround his entire body.

The constraints regarding the barrier are simple. It can only be used sparingly, and requires an adequate recharge time of at the very least four in-character posts after cessation, and will only last for a limited time additionally, usually around anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes, flexibility surrounding the particular duration, so it can be used to "catch" stronger attacks - only being activated momentarily will provide a much higher degree of resilience. Whilst active, the barrier drains Lazarus' energy, but does not require his exact concentration. However, it will deflect with ease the ranged and close-quarters attacks of all equal and lesser assailants (read: Level 3 or below) though continued use will cause the barrier to dissipate - for instance, a good few nine millimetre rounds which all meet the barrier will break it after a few moments, and it can only be used to deflect maybe three or four close-range assaults. Simply: the more pressure placed on it, the more the limited durability of the barrier will begin to falter.

However, a single moderate-level attack from a Level 4 or X character will immediately cause the shield to dissipate. Characters at the stronger end of Level 4 will still have some damage to soak through. This applies in a greater context to Archdemons and Archangels that Lazarus is defending against, which means that the barrier should only really be used against unblockable or area-based attacks as a very last resort.

Altogether, the Reverb Barrier's purpose is to serve as a short-term nullification of a few attacks in close succession, perhaps to allow Lazarus to make that final charge, or dive from cover to cover without sustaining too much damage. Finally, whilst in use, the Reverb Barrier causes specks of Soul Energy to collect and concentrate around the teenager's form, giving it an azure iridescent glow, full-body, which is noticeable and WILL draw attention without a doubt.

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Lazarus' Sonic Gear Empty Re: Lazarus' Sonic Gear

Post by Belial on Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:17 am

Alrighty, APPROVED for Sonic the Hedgehog.



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Lazarus' Sonic Gear Empty Re: Lazarus' Sonic Gear

Post by Lazarus Carter on Tue May 07, 2013 5:01 am

Ready for Level 2.


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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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Lazarus' Sonic Gear Empty Re: Lazarus' Sonic Gear

Post by Jinhong Jangmi on Thu May 09, 2013 3:25 am


Banshee is all I think of from XMen...


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Lazarus' Sonic Gear Empty Re: Lazarus' Sonic Gear

Post by Alice the Chopper on Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:31 am


Oh joy, more stuff for you to beat me up with.


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Lazarus' Sonic Gear Empty Re: Lazarus' Sonic Gear

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