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RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel

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RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel Empty RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel

Post by Alice the Chopper Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:33 am


Event Name: Murder Motel

Event Location: Johannesburg
Projected Length: Preferrably at least three to four posts per guest per stage.
Point Reward: 10-25, based on creativity. Alice will not be rewarded points.

Characters Required: 6 is the maximum, including Alice. (Will be increased if needed)
Character Types: Ritualists, Red Love only.

Playing A Character: Yes, with limited involvement.

Overview: Right, why weren't these guys just kidnapped again? Well, maybe some were. Regardless of means of how they came to Johannesburg, as the cult is very prone to violently and unexpected knocking people out and taking them to a different location, one thing would be in common: each participant would have received a first class piece of mail. Followed by a digital email to make sure they got the message, of course. Right, the actual text, this would read:

"Dear _____,

      You are formally invited to the most gracious of events, hosted in the lovely city of Johannesburg, South Africa. This includes a plethora of activities and mild refreshments, in the spacious ballroom of the 10 2nd Avenue Houghton Estate, a comfortable and new age hotel. Do bring your swimwear, as the stay includes a full sized swimming pool. Though the dress code is varied, I do suggest against wearing something...white.


So the hotel that they would gather at, or would be brought to forcefully making the flowery message a little unimportant, was a little less of a "motel" as the name implied. In fact, it was one of the top ranked luxury hotels in the city, something rented by the at this point fairly illusive leader of the faction. A fact in the letter, should any of bothered to read it, came to be a lie: there was no ballroom. Upon arrival, the "guests" would be directed to room 106, to where they would find something a little less than a party. Well, a little less than a typical party, anyway.

Each guest would be given the chance to meet each other, make small talk, speak about their favorite murder and all those shinangins. They would soon be interrupted by the leader of the organization, who would announce that she had prepared their "initiation". With a brief set of instructions, they would be ordered to creatively kill another guest in one of the other rooms, individually, in order to join the higher, well, hierarchy of the faction, even if they weren't even a part of it previously. The kills must be done in said creative fashion, however, as ignoring this term will make for a very unhappy Alice.

This scheme seems to be a little more than meets the eye, as apparently the manager of the hotel arranged for the psychopaths to be there in the first place...


  • Stage One: Arrival and meet and greets and all that jazz. This will be the point in time in which Alice plays the biggest part in. Instructions given and nature of the 'party' revealed.
  • Stage Two: Carrying out of the actual murders and all that fun stuff. Probably the largest part of the mission. Alice plays no part in this.
  • Stage Three: [Data redacted]. After which, the group will celebrate with a brief or extended party. Cheers.

Credit: Me, and myself, and I played a large part in this.
Additional Notes: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Alice Engelherz (Limited)
- Mr. Black
- Dusty Killum

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Alice the Chopper
Alice the Chopper

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Location : Johannesburger

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Power Level: 3
Character Faction: Red Love/Hell Princes
Player: Al

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RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel Empty Re: RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel

Post by Lazarus Carter Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:53 am

Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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Age : 27
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Player: Ross

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RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel Empty Re: RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel

Post by Mr. Black Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:25 am

Black'll be there. he needs a good bit of practice from time to time. Right? Right? RIGHT!? Yeah.
Mr. Black
Mr. Black

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Power Level: 2
Character Faction: Firefly
Player: Dread

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RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel Empty Re: RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel

Post by Dusty Killum Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:28 am

Dusty Killum
Dusty Killum

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Character Faction: Red Love
Player: Kenny

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RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel Empty Re: RED LOVE 赤愛: Murder Motel

Post by Sponsored content

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