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Plots for a plotting plotter.

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Plots for a plotting plotter. Empty Plots for a plotting plotter.

Post by Elijah Cross Sun May 05, 2013 5:02 pm

Elijah Cross
Demon Hunter FromWashington D.C.
"I wonder how long it will take for this one to break..."


Elijah is an extremely arrogant and self-centered person. No matter the situation, he is always the most important figure in his mind. Elijah feels that he's completely incapable of wrong and because of this, he has trouble understanding and following the rules or guidelines of others. He holds no allegiance to anyone and would gladly sacrifice an 'ally' if it was going to get him closer to his goal. He's not above lying, cheating, stealing or sabotaging to get what he desires and he feels zero pity for anybody he wrongs. In his mind, it's his victim's fault for not being able to see through his 'obvious' tricks.

While he'll pretend to be a kind and caring person, that ruse will drop almost immediately when he is exposed or what he desired hangs in the balance. But exposing his lies is no easy task. While he may be an extremely skilled liar and possesses very few 'tells' he is prone to trip over his own words when pressed a little too hard. A sure way to make him angry is to battle for dominance with words or physical confrontation. Even in a fight, he won't hesitate to throw dirt in his opponent's eye or 'fight dirty' as long as he ends up on top.

There are very few times where he will show a genuine act of kindness and while he will do his best to push those that he is done playing with away, he may develop a limited attachment if they persist. Unfortunately, he shows this by becoming more and more cruel. After spending most of his life manipulating the feelings of others, he fears nothing more than being taken advantage of in the same exact way.

In short, Elijah can be classed as a true Sociopath.


Thread Ideas
A battle of wills between a manipulator and a person who refuses to be manipulated.
Meeting someone or something that can see right through whatever mask he puts on He met Lucifer, for God's sake!
A battle of wills that gets physical when Elijah realizes that he simply won't get what he wants with words.
A genuine act of kindness.
A complete curbstomp at Elijah's expense.
A fight when he and his opponent are damn near equal.

I can't think of very much else for now.

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Elijah speaks; English(red), Spanish(green) and Demon(cyan)

Eon (Character Theme)

Our Little World (Fight Theme)

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Elijah Cross
Elijah Cross

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