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The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number.

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The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number. Empty The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number.

Post by 7 on Sat May 18, 2013 8:50 pm


The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number. 1j94qw The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number. 1j94qw The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number. 1j94qw
”The things that I imagine
When time gives me a moment to breathe
Could never really happen

At least not in this life time
And this is what I wanna believe
Might never ever happen

But my eyes can be deceiving
They show me what I don't want to see
The things I think will happen

Monsters, demons
We dream them up and we bring them to life
They are not real, I know it

Monsters demons
We give them wings and we teach them to fly
They're taking, taking over my mind”


NAME: ?, only answers to 'Nana' or '7'

??? - Possibly late teens to early twenties

Physically and mentally Female

Possibly Half African Descent and Half Asian Descent (More than likely Japanese)

Unknown. The facility she was raised in was located in Hokkaido, Japan


The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number. Tumblr_mitd8lVFhi1rzu8y2o1_500




Small. That's what comes to mind once she's seen. She's small and fragile looking. Her measurements as of last year had been calculated as being a mere 56.699 kg and 157.48, or 125 pounds/5'2. She hasn't eaten well these past few months, so her form is possibly slimmer. Her legs, while short, are lanky, like her arms. Her hips and chest were once full, but over the past few months have slimmed down to a more androgynous appearance. She's not particularly muscular, save for her upper arms, and her lips are full, but chapped from exposure. As a person who has had little positive human interaction, her posture and mannerisms are seen as nearly animalistic. As a child, she used to huddle herself into a fetal position whenever she was alone. Since her inclusion into the outside world, she's adapted that position into a hunched, low gait and sits in a haunched position. When she feels no real threat within her surroundings, she walks as normally as she can and tries to sight-see (although, she doesn't see it as such, she just likes to be outside).

Her skin is a dark, medium brown tone; which suggests that, if the blood tests performed on her are correct, she's of African and Asian descent. Her narrow eye shape and thick, dark hair can only state the obvious. Nana is biracial. That, and the fact that she only knows Japanese and some limited English. Currently, she's not as fashion forward like some teenagers, seeing as the only thing she's currently worn is a bland, white shift dress that stops above her knees. It is loose-fitting and stained with what appears to specks of dried blood, but so far, she's kept it clean.

Her feet and hands are usually bare with no jewelry, shoes, or nail polish. From how she's survived a winter without a coat, it appears that cold and heat do not bother her (however, direct contact to fire and sharp ice can and will injure her). Her back, legs, and fore arms are littered with scars and burn marks; the largest of these is on the middle of her back, as the '7' is etched into her skin.

The most questionable part of her body, however is the nature of her left eye. While her right one is a standard, brown color, her left one was to be kept covered, that was, until the incident. Since then, she's tried to keep it hidden. An eye patch is affixed to this eye at present and if there's a need for it to be cleaned, she covers the other eye with a hand or tapes it down.

Her hair is currently an unruly, stringy mass of black hair that stops at the small of her back. The only clue of who or what she is, is a password protected usb flash drive that she wears with a small chain tied to her neck,

Physically, Nana is just one girl. Mentally, 'Nana' is just a 1/3 of who she is. She has several 'alters', or personalities, that mask whatever she was before. There is 'Nana', the personality that she's often known and seen in, 'Girl', and then, there is 7.

As Nana, she is actually quite sweet and personable. But not without a touch of loneliness and resentment towards her own predicament. Kind and almost childlike to a fault, she hates to become a burden among others and tries her hardest to make amends for any wrong she has done. As Nana, her English is slightly poor. For example, while most people would say, "I am hungry" or, "Goodnight, everyone.", Nana's sentences would be, "Nana is hungry." or "Everyone have goodnight." Her accented English may be peppered with Japanese words and she slurs her 'R's frequently, but she is not an idiot. She can clean and cook for herself to survive, and can (and has) stolen for her survival and is aware of the consequences of getting caught. Of course, she can be a bit pushy and overbearing at her worst. She cries when she's physically hurt and will fight back without thinking. On her worst days, she will fold into herself and hide, and would sometimes roll herself into a fetal position to avoid the outside world. She takes harsh words to heart and is a more than a little sensitive. Other than that, she is a normal teen girl. She enjoys soft colors and cute things and is a big fan of sweets. She's also crafty and even a bit of a trickster, but it's all done in good fun. Although, there is a problem with her temper, she's tried to control her rages and tries to take them out on inanimate objects, instead of living, breathing, beings.

'7', is not. 7 is indifferent and cold. She is analytical and sharp-minded. Her English is as impeccable as her Japanese and once started, cannot be stopped. 7 is the primal, violent side of Nana. The one sealed away unless triggered by a removal of her protective eye-patch. Skills that were only above average for Nana, are heightened within 7. She is fast, she is strong, she unstoppable. Her rage only calls for more and more chaos.

7 is the side that Nana wishes to destroy and be rid of, but she knows she never will.

'Girl' is more of a reset/standard mode that she's in when she's on the run. Comparable to a robot, she really does not speak as 'Girl', and can survive on very little. As 'Girl', she only goes by her most basic of instincts and is hard to catch. If she's not running up fire escapes as Girl, she's sleeping. 'Girl' has no real emotion and reacts to most danger with a flat affect and subsequent reaction that requires no facial expressions or clear thought. She is currently at this stage.

Her original memories were always faint. Faded pictures of dipping her feet in sea water, running from school to home. The scratchiness of her old kindergarten uniform. The warm faces of a man and a woman. Were they her parents? Sometimes, they'd call her a name that wasn't Nana, but she would always forget. After all, these first memories were now her dreams. A recollection of a past she could never get back.

All she can recall is a fire. And a small stay at an orphanage in Okinawa. She wasn't the first choice for the Academy, but compared to some of the children that she stayed with, she was the best they had. How can you explain to a five year old that the world you once knew will never embrace you again? How can you sit her down and tell her that her childhood is over? Simple.

You don't.

Which is exactly what the Academy did. Well, the Academy is just the type of institution it was supposed to be. It's actual name was the 'The School of Math and Science of Tokyo", and it touted itself as the perfect home for academically gifted youngsters, who, previously were treated as if they were unwanted. It's official website had pictures of children playing, blue skies, and sunshine. The nuns of the orphanage never thought twice of sending the young girl off. It was supposed to be a happy ending for Nana, but it wasn't.

"Do you have a name?"
"Do you even remember?"
"I see. The fire must've traumatized you."
"Well, since you're the seventh child here, you will be called, Nana. Do you like your new name, Nana?"

The Academy was a cover up for a recently funded experiment by a doctor/biologist, named Michiru Kojima. Kojima was a brilliant woman, but she also had some darker connections. The Yakuza was her main sponsor, and what they needed from her was a source to create born and bred killers. Assassins that could aid in their gang wars not just in Japan, but overseas, as well. She called her study, "PROJECT MONARCH", and like the monarch butterfly, she had hoped that they children they used would cocoon and grow.

Originally, there were fifty children chosen, with Nana being one of them, but over the years, the number dwindled. Some ran away, while others died, and because they had no family to run to, they were easy to replace.

Nana came into the program as a shy, awkward, girl. She was originally the smallest of them all, the rest were older teens and tweens, and due to her comparable odd appearance, was considered the runt, which made her treatment at the facility much harsher than it already was. Every morning, they'd get up at 4 to clean and run for miles. The meals were small and somewhat bland, and they were only allowed up to three a day. After that, they were physically and mentally pushed to the extremes. Torture was common, as well as fights among the other kids. The only relief Nana could find for herself was in her head and in the comfort of her small room with the one window.

For the longest time, she would stand on the tips of her toes and peek into the outside world. Sometimes, she'd see people, sometimes, she'd see clouds, and other times, there were stars. At that time, she wanted nothing more than to look and imagine what else was out there.

"Yes ma'am."
"You say you do not like the treatments? Are you saying that you do not like the opportunities that are offered here? Do you even know where you'll be if we didn't rescue from that stuffy orphanage? That doesn't sound very appreciative, and a smart girl like you should know that this school can help you become the best you can be..."
"It's not that-"
"Mmhmm. Yes?"
"It's not that I-that I don't appreciate you helping me, I just...."
"Go on."
"It hurts."

Nana, was an intelligent student. She excelled in writing and had a love for computers and technology. She was one of the brightest children there, albeit she was still child-like and naive when it came to other people's nastiness. That, and the fact that she hated to start confrontations, made her a target among the other kids. The girls were particularly malicious, even with her newly acquired abilities, she never fought back. That was, until her recovery from the surgery that gave her tracking skill.

They told her that she could remove the bandage at any time, if she felt ready.

A girl that had been her tormenter since her eighth year decided to snatch it away from her face, thinking that she was malformed or 'ruined' in some way.

That day, that girl...had made a terrible mistake.


She stood there, above the mangled body of a teenager who laid there near her feet like an overused rag doll. Her hands and dress were wet with blood. An angry spattering of red dripped from her face. Her face was twisted into a snarl. "Nana...what did you do?" Her tiny hands were balled up into fists as she towered over the other girl.

She was already dead, by the time they came for her.

Once they finally tied her down, they learned why she held her hands so tightly.



"Doctor Kojima, I swear, I can't remember a thing...what happened to Tsukiko? Is she going to be okay?"
"How? How can you just...forget something so evil? So"

After that incident, she was to be isolated from the more standard children and was diligently trained along with the other troublemakers. She was the personal favorite of Kojima and was watched closely. This only put a toll on her mind and well-being, and as a result, her mind split. Literally. To cope with everything that had happened, she developed three distinct personalities. There was 'Nana'; the gentle 'giant' of a girl. Sweet, caring, but a bit unstable and unrestrained. Then, there was 'Girl'. 'Girl' was blank and stateless. Girl was where she went when the outside world was too much for her to function into. Girl was her safe-place.

And then, there was 7. If 'Girl' and 'Nana' were her superego and ego, then '7', was meant to be her id. 7 was (and still is) volatile and chaotic. 7 found pleasure in the pain of others, which was the opposite of who Nana once was. But it was the only way for her to survive in this harsh life.

'I'm going to find a way to break us out of this place. See the real world. Kill everything in the way.'

'Who...who...are you?'

'You don't who I am?'

'No...this room is locked. How did you get in?'

'I was always here. I don't need to sneak in.'


'I am inside you. Your mind. I am you. Don't worry about anything. I will save us. We're going to get out of here. Go to America. That's what they're going to do you, anyway. Sell you at the highest price and then have you kill enemies in the States. But I won't let that happen, believe me. I've been in the background, listening to the doctors and what they say. I will save you. Us.'

'I don't believe in you.'

'You will, one day. Remember, you need to kill everything in the way.'

During her sixteenth year, her dreams would grow increasingly violent and dark. Images of death and blood would swirl inside her thoughts, with herself as the source. The voice in her head would grow less friendly, and more demanding. Save for the doctors and scientists that would continue to poke and prod at her health, she was isolated, alone. Closer and closer, Kojima began to reveal the nature of her intentions, and sure enough, the voice in her head was right.

"What do you think you'll do in America?"


"I'm glad you like the necklace I got you..."

"It's killing time."


"Everything. Must die."

"Wait- stop...Nana....think about this...NANA PLEA-"

On the day she was supposed to leave, everything went black. She had no real memory of what had transpired, but when she came to. She found herself wandering the grounds of the Academy. Her hands were covered in blood and at her feet, laid the bodies of the guards that tried to stop her. Three men and two women, huddled together like piles of trash. A few students have escaped, they would scream when they saw her come close. She didn't know the full extent of what she had done, but she knew...that she had to run.

In the aftermath, ten people died and ten more sustained injuries. Dr. Kojima is currently still alive and searching for her.

Nana is still on the run and has decided to walk the earth and hitchhike to her favored destination, the U.S.

She knows nothing of the outside world and how it really works, but she believes that she will make it. Somehow.




.can easily slip through most situations with ease
.vast intelligence, even if she is assumingly dim


-anger issues
-somewhat afraid of people
-experiences violent bursts of rage even as Nana.
-dissociative identity disorder - her alters/personalities


"Don't hug me, I'm scared."

-Is a fan of sweets, soft things, and cartoons.
-Suffers from selective rigidness once confronted with horrible memories. She would just sit or stand for hours, staring into nothingness. Also known as, the '1000 yard stare'. Could also be a sign of PTSD.
-Her theme songs are, "Monsters Demons" by Skye, "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" by Skrillex, "Girl" "God" and "Crucify"by Tori Amos, "Lillium" from Elfen Lied, "Miserere" by Gregorio Allegri and "Where Does This Ocean Go?" from the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack.
-She's more on the neutral side of the spectrum when it comes to the overarching plot, but will not hesitate to protect herself against a demon.
-Unaware of most forms of love or sexuality, and sees no discomfort in disrobing in front of others. In the middle of the day. During rush hour.
-Once had a normal childhood.
Doctor Kojima is her biological mother.



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The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number. Empty Re: The Life of a Secret Girl named after a Number.

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sat May 18, 2013 10:40 pm


Really, really, really well done.


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