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Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Empty Marcus K. Powell [Fin]

Post by Marcus on Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:18 pm


Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Wwkms6 Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Wwkms6Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Wwkms6
”Versace Versace Medusa head on me like I'm lluminati.”


Marcus Kanell Powell




Brooklyn, NY USA

Jan. 5 1987

Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Takeshi_yamamoto_by_thechastain4088-d39c99d

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Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Yamamoto_Takeshi_by_ju_jei



For starters, Marcus is a 5'10 youngster and has developed a fairly simple professional image that he developed early on. Still in his youth, Marcus prefers clean, jelled hair that usually lets his black hair spike a bit but he is also cleanly shaven and smells of men's cologne. Marcus is a lean individual, though toned at best due to his years playing baseball and MMA. Usually balancing his weight between 167 and 170, depending on his activity over the week. His hair can typically be seen as black with a very feint brownish tint, but during the summer the feint tint can become slightly distinct, he also has very distinct hazel eyes.

While on the job, Marcus dresses professionally. Normally, he can be seen wearing a blue suit, light blue shirt underneath,   blue pants, and black tie and shoes. While  in a nonchalant state of mind, he keeps his shirt's top button undone with his tie hanging a bit loosely. The sleeves of his shirt, underneath his suit's jacket, usually protrude from underneath showing the blue or black color of his shirt underneath and this same style is also apparent in how he doesn't like to tuck his shirt into his pants.  He also has a black and blue cloth wrist band bound to his right wrist, he also has a sapphire ring on his right ring finger, that has his CrossGear embedded within.

His clothes typically stay the same when entering Infernis, or they become all black and the brown tint in his hair becomes a bit bolder.

Marcus is a fairly laid back person, preferring to typically take the easy route when it comes to making decisions or he'll allow other people to take the lead when possible.  He doesn't like to handle things based on his own judgement, as he doesn't necessarily approve of his own thought processes. When it comes to desk work, he stresses himself and quickly becomes bored, this is because he enjoys field work and would prefer to never have to see a desk and paper work during his time as a Templar.  And as a Templar he is exemplary and outstanding at how he takes orders and approaches tasks and missions, preferring and specializing in "in and out" type methods. He takes orders in and makes them as definite as if it were a creed or oath, taking his missions to heart and carrying them out to the best of his abilities and rarely lets his emotions take a hold of him and sway him and even then, only when a child is involved does he hesitate or give second thought to his actions.

Marcus is low to anger as he has a fairly high tolerance and can be, sarcastically so, emotionally detached. But when angered Marcus is ruthless and utterly devoid of anything other than an "eliminate all targets" mentality or a avoid confrontation response. Which causes a bit of a conflict when dealing with personal issues; however, when dealing with daily life in and out of work, he tries to keep a happy and positive attitude towards everything, usually wearing a smile throughout the day.  

Marcus can be poetic at times, carrying with him a poetry book called "Loveless" and often recites it as he sees fit during his missions.  To him the book symbolizes a different world away from Earth and Infernis, its a world that he escapes to and he prefers to read his book when bored or whenever he has time.


From the time he could remember, Marcus was always taught about order and discipline, his father was a mercenary and his mother was a US CIA agent which typically means he had a military upbringing. His father instilled in him order, discipline, and code of conduct in any field of operations, he groomed him to know what fear was and to be able to approach difficult situations with a calm head.  This all stemmed from his father's overbearing love for his son, knowing better than most what the world had to offer in terms of advantages and disadvantages. His mother taught him the essentials of being smart and learning, his mother had home schooled him until he was 14 and able to enter high school as a sophomore.  

Marcus's parents, Isabel De Rios and Israel Powell, were had high hopes for Marcus since he was their only child.  But because they cared for his being, they gave him freedoms as well as breaks away from being home schooled, usually they would send him to either boy scouts or various obstacle course based camps.  As a result he had a pretty good basic skills for dealing with wilderness survival.  So on his 13th year, for both his summer and winter break, his parents sent him to a military school as a way to "test" him, though they hoped that he wouldn't catch on.  His parent's overbearing, and somewhat twisted, love created a sort of chain of command within his family, with his mother at the head of the household merely because his father didn't want to hassle. Within the house, Isabel was commander-in-chief and his father was just a general, while Marcus worked his way into the ranks, steadily, through his study and constant tests and competitions with his parents and friends.  

When he entered high school, Marcus had the competence and knowledge of a senior and could have easily graduated as a junior or skipped a grade to become a senior. But he refused to shorten his public school experience, though he wasn't considered popular or a jock, Marcus had plenty friends and played baseball for the most part. Baseball became his sport, in and out of school, he was enrolled in youth baseball and even joined a minor league team though he never even dreamed of going pro; additionally, he joined JROTC at his school as per request by his parents.  Then at 17 Marcus graduated valedictorian with nearly a 5.0 GPA, a record high for his school since 78', afterwards he somehow ended up going to West Point Military Academy.  At 21, Marcus graduated with a bachelors degree and was immediately sought after by various organizations and had even had a chance to work for the UN as a Security Lieutenant and was groomed for 4 yrs in this field until offered a job by the Vatican, which he took.

At 25 he had been sworn to secrecy and taught about the Templars, creating a cover story to tell his parents; him being a secret service agent for the Pope and other UN leaders and high ranking members.  Though he liked the sound of becoming a Paladin one day and protecting the world while attempting to usher it towards a better society, he wasn't particularly fond of a few of the MO's he had to dedicate himself to namely the capture of Demon Hunters, whom he viewed as innocents or associates in eradicating and checking the demons and their actions.  As an up and coming member of the Templars, he had recently began his in-field, real-world missions.


- Black-Belt Martial Artist - Marcus is a very capable unarmed fighte and martial artist, efficient in dealing with disarming attackers and a slight intuition in reading an opponent's movements when up close.
- Effective Marksmen - Because of his history, Marcus is a 1 in 1,000,000 when it comes to shooting, it is without a doubt his forte and he takes great pride in his efficiency with various fire arms.
- Disciplined - Not one to panic under pressure, he can keep his cool even when the odds are depressingly stacked against him.
- Fast-Paced Thinker - Quickly able to move, his is an "one his toes" type and capable solving real-time issues in incredibly short periods of time.  
- Physical Prime (4) - Strength, Stamina, Speed, and Reaction time, honed to elite status. His strength is on par if not slightly better than a heavy weight boxer, with less the weight.  His Stamina is as comparable to a champion marathon runner and rarely looses breath in easy going situations. His speed is only righteous to say the least, easily within 35-40 mph and barely even with Usain Bolt. And his reaction time can only be compared to superhuman.

-Indecisive - Marcus isn't what one would call an independent thinker, he typically prefers taking orders on what his next move should be and isn't one to make calls by himself.
-Short Memory Span - Curse with short-term memory loss, he typically has to ask things over and over again for them to be firmly embedded in his memory.
-Megalomaniac - Usually seen as a path to sin, Marcus isn't able to help the fact that he rather enjoys feeling powerful and is very competitive and takes any chance he sees to better himself and make himself superior to other. He typically voices these feelings openly.
-Internationally Inept - Marcus has no talent or ear for languages and is only efficient in two languages; English and Spanish
-Unoriginal - Marcus is so unoriginal that he can't think of most things for himself and tends to model his actions or skills after others. He is cursed with no imagination.
-Socially Inept - Not very good with people, especially in large groups as he tends to sound a bit overbearing and judgmental as well as being a bit cold towards others he deems unstable or emotional.
-Distrusting - On par with his social ineptitude, Marcus has difficulty in believing anyone who initially means him well, he is skeptical and cautious even with the Templars.
-Mechanical Ignorance - Marcus as no skills with anything mechanical, from cars to toasters even watches. As told by his parents, his spirit belongs in the dark ages.
-Accident Prone - Sadly, Marcus is unable to pass most things without knocking them over then causing injury to himself and sometimes other, unintentionally.



- Marcus reads quite often, even when talking to others.
- Marcus's obsession for power once caused him to cause a riot in his High School cafeteria.
- At the age of 12, Marcus won an international junior championship for shooting.
- Lives in a studio apartment Barcelona, inherited his uncle's condo in London, and often visits NY.





I've been RPing for about 5 yrs now, I think?

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Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Empty Re: Marcus K. Powell [Fin]

Post by Alice the Chopper on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:11 am


Alright so a couple things here, Kain...

1. Please change your username to "Marcus Powell", "Marcus", or some variation of your character's name.

A 350 word description of how your character’s come up to this point. Include their opinion of the Templar hierarchy, perhaps any favouritism shown. It’s IMPERATIVE that you consider that ALL Templar agents that serve as ACTIVE FIELD AGENTS –MUST- have some field history with combat, typically extensive. Cherrypicked from intelligence agencies and special forces cabals.

Please remove this section form your history.

3. This is minor, but please change every instance of "Infernis" to "Inferis".


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Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Empty Re: Marcus K. Powell [Fin]

Post by Marcus on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:43 am

Edited Gov'ness


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Marcus K. Powell [Fin] Empty Re: Marcus K. Powell [Fin]

Post by Alice the Chopper on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:46 am


Excellent, excellent. Don't forget to post in the Templar Order faction page, and to do your Augments and Equipment.


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