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Post by Ceri Priddy Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:52 pm

MARCH 1ST, 2012

Ugh. Crutches…. Were really hard to navigate. A woman with flowing wavy blonde hair that rested about her shoulders made her way carefully off of the plane, only a single ruck sack sort of bag sup on her body as she exited. She wore a cream sweater dress whose neck rolled over and exposed her shoulders, slithering down her body to the middle of her thighs. A black belt was around her waist, as well as signs of a black tank top whose straps were visible on her skin from the open neck. Black tights covered her legs down to her singular boot since her one leg was encased entirely in a cast. Honestly, despite the obvious encumbering injury, Ceri Priddy still looked as stylish as ever. Except she almost seemed to hold a more youthful beauty because of her hair being free flowing as opposed to pulled back in their usual curls. And though she didn't show it, she was certainly grumbly over how much she had had to spend in order to remain in Rome for a month after the events of the damn war. But…. she was stronger now. She could do more now.

Thankfully people generally stayed the hell out of her way, though she could sense some of the wandering eyes that flowed up and down her body. Let them look. Right now, she was very comfortably wearing her normal mask and expression, appearing as pleasant and alluring as ever. Although… internally she was rather worried because of how she had handled the whole situation. As opposed to letting Sareph know where she was and what she was doing sooner, she had done it only a few days ago and very VERY haltingly. From the sounds of it, her friend wasn't doing so well either, and only made Ceri feel all the more guilty. Especially because… she hadn't quite told her the real extent of how badly she had been injured. The GOOD news was that she still had left over Oxy which she was sure her best friend would appreciate greatly.

She hobbled her way down and completely ignored the baggage claim, instead waiting outside near where all the cars were for people to get picked up. She was rather relieved that the oxy was still pumping strong through her though because otherwise she knew her brain would be working on overdrive about all of the things. Jean… Sareph… What she was going to do about her boss and work… Other things…. Her lips tightened slightly as she leaned up against a pillar, exhaling slowly in relief at not having to hobble along anymore. Shit… Sareph was totally going to kill her...


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