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Lisa Smith

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Lisa Smith  Empty Lisa Smith

Post by Agent Lisa on Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:28 am


Lisa Smith  Wwkms6 Lisa Smith  Wwkms6 Lisa Smith  Wwkms6

”FOR CANDY!! And errr the betterment of people- I think.”


Lisa Rose Smith



FULL BRED AMERICAN MUTT with half Dutch ancestry

Rivertown, Virginia

April 17, 1988

Lisa Smith  Tumblr_mc3yzgvK951rnc0t9o1_r1_500
Lisa Smith  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMUQBbwogILIJ37aL1Jgbc6o3Cuamya6rfNOkmGh9gfo7tw4sY
Lisa Smith  22-12-2012
Lisa Smith  Psycho12




Lisa looks like an average girl at 5'4 (Which is slightly shorter than most). Her hair is cut short, to her ears and chestnut brown. Her bangs feather her eyes in an almost bowl-cut fashion to keep from getting in her eyes. She has a button nose and a slightly rounded face. Her eyes are large and innocent pools of caramel. She has a slightly build body, but nothing too noticeable under her uniform. Her skin is apricot and oddly flawless. She dresses with a nice white blouse under a dark gray business jacket. Her skirt is black and she wears black tights beneath it. As for her shoes, she wears a pair of two-inch pumps that makes her back up to the average height for a girl her age. She has no noticeable scars or markings on her body. Lisa walks with a sort of pep in her step and excitement in her voice. Her English is accented with Dutch, but understandable.

Lisa is a passionate woman, though a bit scatter-brained. Often times she will charge into something without thinking and usually her ass will get burned. She doesn't think much and tends to be impulsive. Lisa tends to do things for either Justice or candy, but usually candy.. Sugary sweets are the everything she needs. If she does NOT consume said sugary treats of any kind, Lisa tends to get moody and edgy. She's mean and grumpy and just outright no fun to hang around. When she HAS had the products she needs, Lisa is a sweetheart and cares about those around her. She tries her best to do her job right so that no one will get hurt. She constantly tries to help, even when it probably isn't needed. Though she will step in front of a bully, she's not keen on getting hurt and WILL flinch. She is no perfect Agent and will never be. She's practically an overgrown child in some instances where she believes she can stop things but she's actually pretty helpless.

Her goals and aspirations are unestablished despite her age. Lisa has no idea really what she will accomplish in life and her work of course is secret, so she doesn't feel like she even DOES anything half of the time. Usually she just follows orders. In her spare time, she either reads romance novels or goes shopping for donuts or socks. Lisa always has some form of chocolate or candy on hand or in her bag or SOMEWHERE. She's a strange girl who prefers to hang out at the candy shop, drooling, as opposed to actually hanging out with human beings. When it comes to family, Lisa is a bit ashamed of her father. She would never tell him, but she does find his obsession with demons a bit unhealthy and urges him often to seek out help. She worries about him, but she does not believe demons exist, so to her she just sees him insanely chasing down these unreal paranormal things that he claims to fight. Some people make fun of her (they don't know WHAT he does, but he's obviously insane), but she always defends him.

Lisa was born of a man and a woman naturally. Her father was dutch and her mother was American, they met, they had her. the story wasn't that exciting. Not until she was older and kind of more understood what was going on. Her father was crazy. She heard it constantly. He was off his rocker, he didn't know what he was talking about and often he fled to his business. He never really visited much until her and her older brother were old enough to count to one hundred.

Her brother was dragged into the insanity business because, well, he was a boy and boys had to fight. A couple trips Lisa was allowed on, but she had no interest in it. It didn't make sense to her, in fact she didn't even BELIEVE in demons. "Father, they DON'T EXIST." She finally said one day before she stormed off to her home. The next couple months were awkward between them, after all, her father KNEW they existed, but she didn't think so (Still doesn't). Secretly, she built up a fund and saved money to send her father for a therapist. Perhaps maybe THEN he could see that demons truly didn't exist, but he was banned from the clinic for something. Frustrated, Lisa gave up on making her father believe her and simply pursued some goals of her own. She wanted to be an officer of sorts, law was always captivating to her.

After high school, she took up college and later became scouted by the CIA. Thrilled, Lisa was ecstatic to gain her desk-jockey position, as simple as it was. She did lots of paper and computer work to prove her grit. Eventually she got pushed to the field. Naturally she wasn't perfect at it. One day at a shooting range, while confronted by a boy she had liked, she forgot to turn the safety on her gun and shot him in the foot! She was in trouble, but no big problems followed. Oddly the man forgave her, but naturally he avoided her AND the shooting range a while.



Lisa has really good aim.
Lisa is relatively fast when she's not tripping on her own two feet
She has a relatively decent strength (enough to knock a grown man off his ass, if she really needs to, she might pull a muscle though)
She is literally addicted to sugar and if she does not have sugary junkfood she gets mopey.

Lisa does not believe in demons, as some might not think this is a weakness, it is in fact a rather off-setting one in a world swarming with them.
She has a weakness for sweets of all kinds.
Lisa is kind of clumsy.
Lisa is scatter-brained and easily distracted

"I can speak in English(Purple) or Dutch(Gold)!"

- Does not believe in Demons
- Lisa always has sweets on hand
- Lisa can do a handstand
- Lisa can sing the alphabet backwards and forwards




None -yet- Though technically Panne

A LONNGGG TIME (like 5-6 years?)

[b]Psycho-pass[/b] :: [b]Tsunemori Akane[/b]

Agent Lisa
Agent Lisa

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Lisa Smith  Empty Re: Lisa Smith

Post by Agent Lisa on Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:19 pm

Done bump


"I can speak in English(Purple) or Dutch(Gold)!"
Lisa Smith  2ppn4om
Agent Lisa
Agent Lisa

Posts : 59
Join date : 2013-04-21

Case File
Power Level: 1
Character Faction: CIA
Player: Ammy

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Lisa Smith  Empty Re: Lisa Smith

Post by Lazarus Carter on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:46 pm



- Languages in sig.
- Make the weapon app for her gun.


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

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Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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Lisa Smith  Empty Re: Lisa Smith

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