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Ross' Celestial Plottery Empty Ross' Celestial Plottery

Post by Lazarus Carter Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:41 am

lazarus carter
demon hunter from montana
"I've been living in a dream..."

Ross' Celestial Plottery Plotterpic


Lazarus is typically an upbeat and cheery individual. He's enthusiastic, motivated, athletic and generally quite positive when it comes to challenges; he believes that the root of ninety nine percent of problems are psychological. He's not dim or intellectually stunted, and whilst academia isn't his favourite pursuit, he's got common sense. But having just discovered Inferis, things have been a bit flipped for Lazarus; regardless, he's just trying to make his way. Agitate him and he'll probably shoot at you, and he has no qualms with destroying Demons - after all, they're already dead, right?

Founding member of Nephilim, but still works with freelancers.

thread ideas
Can typically be found in Washington D.C. or Inferis. Will happily RP with other Demon Hunters, or clashing against Demons, Templars, or Ritualists, bonded or not, whether in Inferis or the Real World. Always fun. Also, drafting new Nephilim members - always good.

app links
Lazarus' Sonic Gear


devil from heaven
"Long and hard out of Hell is the way that leads up into the Light."

Ross' Celestial Plottery 2vv2jb9


Being Overlord of Hell is fun, but after a few billion years, it gets kind of monotonous. Lucifer reflects this in his personality; more than anything, he just seems a bit... bored. He knows all the tricks, and can mimic or trump more or less anything you do. You're operating in his realm: and for the fuck of it, he generally doesn't mind nor care. Oh; he always has a scheme brewing, and if you irritate him enough, he'll take action, but Lucifer tends to just act in an absolute yet curious manner, and is hardly ever seen in his Demon Form.

Leads the Hell Princes.

thread ideas
Most potential threads would be with him and other Archdemons or high-ranking Demons, or potentially just walking through Earth - Lucifer likes to occasionally stretch his legs.

app links
Lucifer's Omniessence


damon t. ruger
templar from hamburg
"Boom. Headshot."

Ross' Celestial Plottery Plotterpic2


Damon is cold, calculating, collected, and above all, just something of a prick. He's not nice to work with, he's not fun to be around, he's heartless and independent and spends most of his free time looking down the sights of a rifle. His body is devoted to one thing and one thing alone: his work. He is to become a machine, with a singular, soul purpose: eradicating any enemy of the Templar Order he so devoutly follows - and without even knowing enough about them, to boot...

Templar Order. Specifically a Knight-Templar.

thread ideas
Any threads with Templars or those with Templar allegiances on Earth. Possibly a spot of Demon hunting or Demon Hunter hunting. Good as backup on larger operations.

app links
Damon's Eagle Eyes
Damon's Eagle Claws


bastian van staade
demon hunter from johannesburg
"I'm just a tired old man... with a bad fucking temper."

Ross' Celestial Plottery 5l5hmh


Bastian is determination epitomised. When push comes to shove and he truly sets his mind on something, it cannot be undone. If he holds a goal in high regard, he will persevere until he reaches it, or else die. Demons and Templars are nothing more than irritable; and whilst he may appear grumpy on the surface, and typically spends all his time on Earth stoic and pumping weights in the gym, do not be fooled: Bastian van Staade has stories to tell. But only to the right people...

Founding member of the Four Blades.

thread ideas
Travels between Johannesburg and Irkutsk, and can be found in Helsinki sometimes too. Travels a lot. Will happily RP with other Demon Hunters (preferably Blades) - be it as a rivalry or not - and whilst typically works alone, there may be a sense of camaraderie there. Anything not a Demon Hunter can RP with Bastian too, but he doesn't afraid of anything and punches anyone who fucks him off.

app links
Bastian's Prostheses


dante alencar
ritualist from rio de janeiro
"The voice of the people will be heard."

Ross' Celestial Plottery Plotterpic


A vigilante, freedom fighter, and Demon summoner rolled into one, Dante has accomplished a great many things in his short time on this Earth. He despises the upper-class and aristocracy for the corruption it stands for and the great divide of wealth; yet he bears a burgeoning dislike for crime and evil. And whilst it seems like the two go hand in hand, instead of liberating the city one corrupt official at a time, instead, Dante sees it fit to fight fire with fire. And Inferis is no different: having made a tentative and shaky pact with his serpentine cohort, Kurdai, the Prince of Serpents, the pair seek to liberate Rio de Janeiro and defend Earth by slaying all they can in Inferis. For Dante Alencar, justice and equality are his two true ideals to secure universal happiness; and though ambitious, he is fierce, determined, and will stop at nothing to reach his targets.

Aside from his demonic counterpart, Kurdai, Dante is loosely freelance. He does, however, unofficially lead a small extremist political cell fighting for the rights of the masses within Brazil, typically Rio de Janeiro's grimy favelas.

thread ideas
Will without fail be found in Rio de Janeiro most of the time, though he does travel. For Inferis, look primarily to the Darkroot Domain, though considering the speed with which Dante can cover ground, just about anywhere works just fine. Considering that he travels through Inferis too, though primary Earth threads will be in Rio de Janeiro, Dante's flexible in that he can be found almost anywhere. As for actual threads, anything regarding his philanthropy, Demon hunting, or vigilantism is perfectly fine - hell, even Dante himself being hunted by a Demon Hunter or a fellow Ritualist. Most Templar activity towards him will be carried out by his brother Gabriel.

Note: Due to Dante's modus operandi and the fact that in spite of being a Ritualist he's not inherently evil, immoral or psychotic, he's actually rather amiable, and I'd like to potentially see him form tentative though rough alliances with Demon Hunters or other like-minded Ritualists with long-term moral goals. He's not a bad guy.

app links
Dante's Serpentine Amalgams
Dante's Reptile Forms
Dante's Messiah Arms


the employer
enigma from unknown
"What is to exist but to be a fragile part of a broken machine?"

Ross' Celestial Plottery Ab86d


The only time you will ever be presented with the Employer is at a computer screen; if anyone has ever seen his "real" form, then they are either lying, have been lied to, or dead. It's as simple as that. No-one knows who or what he is: but he leads Firefly's Inner Circle. And, plain and simple, with all the resources and manpower he has at his disposal, whilst he himself should not be feared, his position certainly should.

Loyal to - as the creator of - and almost entirely dependent upon the Inner Circle of Firefly.

thread ideas
Can be found making high-tier business deals or giving Inner Circle operatives orders on the other end of a distorted voice call. Exposure to him - even at this level? Very limited.

app links
The Employer


archangel from heaven
"I am the Wrath of God. I am his judgment exercised."

Ross' Celestial Plottery Uiya


Akrasiel's an Archangel and a stoic. You won't hear him speak that much; for the hammy rep that most Angelic leaders get, Akrasiel prefers to stay quiet. It tends to intimidate his enemies so much more. He's a stick-up-the-ass servant of absolution and divine energy; and whilst he understands that Demons are a natural part of life, he won't go out of his way to cull a few - yet his real issue lies with the Hell Princes, and all and any of their servants, whom, specifically, he fucking despises. He's a bit difficult to deal with and doesn't really offer himself as a team player - though Demon Hunters and Templars are potential allies, he thinks they're both just irritating more than anything else.

The Angelic Host and his Lord. By extension he is completely subservient to Michael.

thread ideas
Archangel threads, Archdemon threads, Angel threads, Demon threads, kicking unholy ass, being an ass, meeting Hunters... and general Angelic affairs. If he's moving somewhere it's for a good reason. Also, just any threads in the Station of Retribution.

app links
Akrasiel's Astral Bombardment
Akrasiel's Arsenal


demon from brooklyn

Ross' Celestial Plottery Skuk


The highly unhinged Iggy takes upon two personae which differ very slightly. A Demon who wants to burn things, and a masked Demon who does burn things. Having been a notorious east coast arsonist serial killer with an official body count of 32 - though the amount of additional murders potentially attributed to him reach almost another twenty - who operated between 1947 and 1954, Iggy's trail of flame and ash lead up and down the east coast through six states, nine cities, and began with his very own sister. As one would expect this makes for something of a bad fucking egg.

Run amok of Iggy and he's usually a pretty casual though unnerving individual with a macabre sense of humour. Piss him off and he'll put on the mask, stop talking, and set fire to you instead. Working for a gang of masked Demon criminals for shits and giggles under the notorious Takatori, all he really wants is a hug.

And a few gallons of kerosene.

Nevermore and Takatori, and still on relatively good terms with ol' Beelzy.

thread ideas
Nevemore threads, Beelzebub or Hell Prince threads, threads related to burning things, threads related to burning people, threads related to burning Angels, threads related to burning Demons, and threads just related to general burning. Additionally, playing around with the mask motif will always be fun.

app links
Iggy's Arson Gear


"Wipe the blood from your halo."

|| English (yellowgreen) || Demon (dodgerblue) ||

Lazarus Carter
Lazarus Carter

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